You’re definitely thinking of the answer to that question. I can help you and make it simple without all the technical drama. In fact, I will make it simple like they way I would explain to a two year old. The clutch is that link between the engine and chain.

The main purpose of the clutch is to disengage and prevent the chain from moving when the engine is idle. It can also engage to make the chain move and cut what you want. In other words, the clutch moves at a low RPM (revolution (turns) per minute without necessarily moving the chain.

Now, this is different from other power tools that you  know like the four wheeler or truck. Unlike the chainsaw, they don’t engage or disengage.

Now to the magic question you’re thinking? How do they work or better, how does the clutch work to engage and disengage the chain?

Understand the 3 Mains Parts of The Clutch

  • The Outer Drum. This part includes the sprocket which engages the chain. The purpose of the outer drum is to turn freely. In other words, when it turns, the chain turns
  • The Center Shaft. It’s attached to the engine’s crankshaft. Its purpose is to turn when the engine turns
  • The Cylindrical clutch weight. It’s attached to the shaft’s center. It consists of shoes and friction pad

The chainsaw clutch works on two principles that I’ll explain below: The principle of circular motion and inertia. I know most of you’re familiar with inertia. I will explain the principle of circular motion. This is the movement of an object along the circumference of the circle.

Here’s How It Works

If the engine spins slowly? The engine shaft holds the weights away from the drum. At this point, the  engine, the shaft, shoes and spring  turn while the chain, the sprocket and drum do not turn.

If the engine speeds? The weights overcomes the force applied  by the spring. And the weight moves outward, pressing against the drum. The engine and the chain come into contact and spinning starts.

At this point, the drum, weight and the center shaft become a single spinning unit. The friction between the cylindrical clutch is strong enough to prevent the possibility of the slippage by the chain. That means when the drum starts moving so that does the chain.

When the engine speeds drops, or when you reduce the speed, inertia of the shoe is overcome. This pulls  them away from the drum making the engine to be separated from the chain again.

Here are some of the advantages of the clutch:

  • They are automatic
  • Prevents the engine from slipping

That’s how simple I can explain the clutch. Its main purpose is to disengage  to  prevent movement or engage to aid movement. The chainsaw has several advantages. It can not only make your  life easier, but make you  efficient when working. In fact, one of the benefits of owning  a chainsaw is safety. A good battery chainsaw will reduce the occurrence of a kickback. If you have more questions about chainsaw, you can read our articles to find the answers.