Tanaka TCS40EA18 is a 2 Stroke Gas Powered Chain Saw that exceeds the qualifications of all chainsaws for sale today. The manufacturer has used high quality materials and they have put a lot of care and thought into creating a tool that will help the consumer that buys it.

I like it when a company thinks about the people who will buy their equipment. 2 Stroke Gas Powered Rear Handle Chain Saw I also like that this saw is priced affordably so that the majority of all people can afford to buy one. Once again that tells me that the company had their customer in mind when they were creating their product.

Things I Love about this 2-Stroke Gas Powered Rear Handle Chain Saw

I love the following features of this saw because they make the saw more suitable for use at my home.

CARB compliant

A CARB compliant chainsaw can be used in California because it meets or exceed  the regulations set b y the California Air Regulation Board. These regulations are stringent to make sure that the emissions of the equipment do as little damage to the environment as possible.

I like the fact that the manufacturer went above and beyond what they were required to do so their equipment would be safe for the operator and for the earth.


This gas chainsaw only weighs ten pounds and anyone can carry it without causing muscle cramps in their hands or arms. The weight of this saw is less than the weight of some electric chainsaws.

If you are trimming limbs then you should use a saw that is light so your arm can hold the saw into position without you worrying that your arm will tire and let the saw drop.

Reduced Vibration

This gas chainsaw has a five point vibration system that means at five different points on the body of the saw special care was given to the design so the vibrations created while the saw is operating will be absorbed and lessened.

This means that the person using the saw will have less arm strain and will be able to retain greater control of the saw. This also means that as the saw vibrates it will not vibrate the screws loose or cause the nuts on the saw to loosen.

This frequently happens when a saw is vibrating and if a screw falls out while you are working you might not notice it until you get back home, and by that time the screw will be lost for good.


The manufacturer gives a seven year warranty to the average consumer. The average consumer is a home owner who uses the saw for their personal use.

Seven years is a long time to guarantee a piece of equipment so that tells me that the saw manufacturer has complete confidence in their product. This type of confidence is produced when a manufacturer uses the best materials an has high production standards.

The warranty is reduced to two years for saws that will be used in commercial operations because when a professional uses a saw they use it three times more often than a homeowner.

If the saw is owned by a rental company the warranty is reduced to a one year warranty. This company really believes in the equipment they are making. I like it when a company believes in their product that much then they care about what they produce. 

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  • CARB compliant
  • 18 inch Oregon Bar and Chain included
  • Tension adjustment on the side
  • Automatic oiler
  • Reduced vibration
  • Light weight (weighs about ten pounds)
  • Seven year warranty for consumers
  • D-style rear handle
  • Chain break
  • Easy to start


  • Some assembly required
  • Carry case not included

Final Thoughts

I want everyone to remember to take the use of a chainsaw seriously. The best electric and gas chainsaw reviews 2016 lists the equipment with the best safety features included on it, but safety features should never take the place of good common sense, and caution.

Wear eye protection when you are cutting wood. Wood chips can seriously damage your eyes. Wear clothing with sleeves and leg coverings because the mixed fuel can burn your skin and the chain can cut your skin.

You also need to protect your skin from possibly being in conduct with the hot muffler on the saw. You should never operate a saw wearing a pair of sandals. It would be too easy for a piece of wood to hit your foot, cause pain, then you could jump and become injured.

This saw does have an anti kickback feature, but you should also be cautious when operating the saw.