The need for a chainsaw arises when you own property that has a tree or a shrub bush on it. Trees need to be pruned each year or they do not have the perfect shapes we want them to have.

 A saw is used to do that trimming. People with wood burning heaters and fireplaces cut wood into pieces to fuel their appliances. When you see a chainsaw for sale you want to look for one that has features that will help you do the type of wood cutting that you need to do. 20 Inch Rear Handle Chain Saw

Things I love about this 20 Inch Rear Handle Chain Saw

I love the fact that this saw has been made to be easy for the operator to use. This chainsaw is as easy to crank as an electric chainsaw due to some of the innovative features. The following features are my favorites.

Automatic Return Choke

When you first crank a gas chainsaw you engage the choke to increase the fuel content in your fuel to air ratio. The increased fuel gives the engine a quick start, but when the engine cranks you want the fuel to air ratio to return to normal.

On most handheld devices with two cycle engines you have to manually push the choke control back to a non-choke position but on this saw the choke returns to the proper position automatically.

Decompression Valve

A decompression valve makes a chainsaw super easy to crank. When you are pulling the rope to crank a chainsaw you are pulling against the compression the engine has.

This makes you have to pull with a lot of force to pull the rope and crank the saw. The decompression valve releases that compression and allows the rope to be pulled easily. Saws with this feature crank quickly with very little force.

Automatic Oiler is Adjustable

The automatic oiler is a great feature on a gas chainsaw. The automatic oiler takes place of the manual oiler. People who have chainsaws that have manual oilers on them have to remember to push the button that shoots oil out of the oil reservoir and onto the bar of the saw.

There have been instances of people ruining their saws or the bars on their saws because they forgot to push the oiling button and lubrication of the bar was lost. The automatic oiler sends the oil out to the bar from the reservoir, but this oiler can be adjusted so the saw gets the proper amount of oil.

Some saws really need to have the oil dispensed less often and some saws need oil sent to their bar more often. With this chainsaw you get to control the amount of oil that is dispersed.

Primer Bulb

The primer bulb is depressed and that causes fuel to fill the fuel lines and force any air in the lines out. This makes the cranking of the saw much easier to do.

Commercial saws rarely have primer bulbs on them because those saws are cranked and used daily. Home owner saws are not used as often so they can be harder to crank.

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The warranty for this gas chainsaw provides seven years to the typical consumer. The typical consumer is a single person who will not be using the saw in a commercial operation.

The people who are using their saws in a commercial operation will receive a two year warranty because the commercially used saws are used more often and have a shorter lifespan. If you own a tool rental company your saw will be covered for one year.

The warranty on this chainsaw is one of the best warranties on the market today. That tells me that this company has a lot of faith in their product. If they have a lot of faith in their product then they are using the best materials to build their tools.

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  • Seven year warranty for consumers
  • 2 year Warranty for commercial users
  • 1 year warranty for rental companies
  • Decompression valve
  • Primer bulb
  • Easy to start
  • Automatic oiler that can be adjusted


  • Does not come with a carry case
  • Some assembly required

Final Thoughts

When you buy your saw you should also buy goggles to protect your eyes, a Hardhat to protect your head, and gloves to protect your hands. I advise you to never cut firewood without telling someone where you will be so they can check on you.