Remington RM1645 Versa Saw 12 Amp 16-Inch Electric Chainsaw

This Remington 16 Inch Electric Chainsaw is a workhorse. You will appreciate how easy this saw is to start and operate. It is designed with many features that will ensure it a favored spot among all your power tools. This saw is lightweight and easy to handle. The low kickback bar and chain help to reduce injury and the wrap around handle is perfect for all those different cutting angles you will encounter on your home grounds and property. It is fast at cutting through all your pruning, trimming and light cut work.

Features I Love about this 16 Inch Electric Chainsaw

The following features are my personal favorites on this saw.

12-amp electric motor

The 12 AMP electric motor on this saw is powerful enough to handle all your pruning, trimming and small cutting jobs. It easily cuts through all those saplings that seem to so quickly take over and is ideal for trimming those branches back to more manageable lengths.

When compared to gas powered motors, this 16 Inch Electric Chainsaw is so much easier to start. No longer do you have to mix gas and oil to specific ratios before filling up a gas tank. No more watching a gas reservoir or stopping to fill it up to keep your work going. No more wearing yourself out before the work even begins trying to pull start a stubborn motor. All you have to do to get to work with this machine is plug it in, depress the trigger and it roars right up.

Remington Versa Saw 12 Amp 16-Inch Electric Chainsaw

Comfortable and Easy to Use

This Remington is lightweight and so comfortable to use. Weighing only about 10 pounds, it comes with a soft touch rear grip that makes it comfortable to use and reduces vibration. This helps to reduce arm fatigue and strain that is often found when working with other chain saws. It is designed with your comfort in mind and has an ergonomic design that makes this saw comfortable to use for extended periods of time.

The front wrap around hand guard ensures a secure grip on the chain saw while protecting your front hand from injury from cutting debris. Additionally, the wrap around handle is ideal for maneuvering the saw into different cutting positions allowing it to work for all your multiple cutting needs. This makes it perfect for trimming and pruning those pesky branches.

Remington RM1645 Saw 12 Amp 16-Inch Electric Chainsaw

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Bar and Chain Features

Featuring a 16” low kickback bar and chain, this saw is able to handle most of the work around your home and property. Kickback is one of the main causes of serious injury while operating a chainsaw. The low kickback bar found on this saw, helps to eliminate the potential for you to become injured from a kickback.

The 16” bar length is long enough to cut through most of your work. It is ideal for pruning and trimming trees and branches. It also helps with general yard clean up by easily slicing through saplings and underbrush.

The chain features an automatic oiling system. You can work through task after task without ever having to worry about oiling the chain. Just make sure you have oil in the reservoir and since the oil reservoir is clear, it is easy to see when you might need to add more. This sure beats having to manually pump a button to oil the saw. Another great feature is the external adjustment screw for chain tensioning. It is very conveniently placed to allow you to quickly and easily make adjustments as needed so you can get back to work.

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  • Powerful 12 AMP motor
  • Electric motor so no more nasty pull starts- just plug it in and go
  • Lightweight and Comfortable to use
  • Soft touch rear grip handle reduces vibration
  • Front wrap around hand guard is ideal for multiple cutting positions
  • Automatic oiling system with translucent oil reservoir
  • External screw conveniently placed for chain tensioning


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  • Since it is electric, of course your work area is limited by the length of the cord or extension cord
  • Not as powerful as gas motors

Final Thoughts

This Remington 16 Inch Electric Chainsaw is perfect for all your cutting needs. The 12 AMP motor is powerful enough to cut through most of your work. The electric motor is so much easier to start when compared to Remington gas powered chainsaw. Just plug it in, pull the trigger and go. The automatic oiling system does the work of oiling the chain for you. Its ergonomic design and safety features make this saw easy and comfortable to safely use for a long time.