Not everyone needs a full size Oregon chainsaw sharpener in their workshop. Many people need a simple Mini Bench Grinder that is set up to sharpen the style and size of chain they use. They do not need versatility because they are not going to have any other size chain they need to contend with. Mini Bench Grinder This electric chainsaw sharpener is designed for light use by individuals who own one saw and need to keep an edge on the teeth of their chain.

Things I Love about this Mini Bench Grinder

This Mini Bench Grinder is the perfect tool for the chainsaw owner that owns one saw, uses it occasionally, and still wants to be able to get a precision edge on the teeth of the chain. I find the following features of this chainsaw sharpener to be the ones that make it most useful to me and my friends.


I have a rather small work area in my workshop so I needed an electric chainsaw sharpener that was compact and did not take up a large amount of space. This Oregon chainsaw sharpener is the perfect fit in my small area. It is not big and cumbersome so it does not use up the entire surface of my work bench.

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Additional Wheel Sizes Available

This chainsaw sharpener comes equipped with a grinding wheel that sharpens standard 3/8 inch pitch chains and the .325 inch pitch chains. This is perfect for me because that is what I use, but if I were to get another chainsaw that takes a different size chain there are other sizes of grinding wheels available to allow me to sharpen those.

Easy to Use

I do not need a tool that I have to study for a week to learn how to operate it. I wanted an electric chainsaw sharpener that was easy to operate and had controls that I could understand. This little Mini Bench Grinder is simple and does a great job for me. 

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  • Compact
  • Easy to use
  • Sharpens standard 3/8 pitch chains and .325” pitch chains
  • Full one year limited warranty
  • Plugs into ordinary household receptacle
  • Comes with a dressing brick
  • Comes with a depth gauge setting template
  • Comes with a wheel contour


Final Thoughts

If you have a lot of different sizes of chain that you need to sharpen then this Mini Bench Grinder might not be the electric chainsaw sharpener for your needs. If you are a homeowner that cuts small amount of firewood each year, and needs to be able to keep an edge on the teeth of one size of chain, then this is more than likely the perfect automatic chainsaw sharpener for your needs. I recommend this chainsaw sharpener to people all of the times who want to cut like a professional using one simple saw.