<p>An electric chainsaw will not suit the needs of everyone that needs a chainsaw. If you are going into the deep woods to cut firewood then you will have to have a gas chainsaw or a <a draggable=”false” href=”http://chainsawsharpenerreviews.com/best-electric-chainsaw-reviews”>best electric saw</a> to do the work with. If you are trimming limbs around your home or in your yard then an electric chainsaw will help you do the job quickly with little fuss. <img draggable=”false” src=”http://chainsawsharpenerreviews.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/OREGON_CS1500_Self_Sharpening_Electric_Chain_Saw.jpg” alt=”Best Electric Saw” width=”494″ height=”494″ /></p><blockquote><p style=”text-align: center;”><strong><a href=”https://www.amazon.com/Oregon-CS1500-Self-Sharpening-Electric-Chain/dp/B00OIZ1XHW/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&amp;linkCode=ll1&amp;tag=chainsawsharpenerreviews03-20&amp;linkId=9ac591f91f65a04618902e6e5c71d47d”>&gt; Check Out Verified Customer Reviews and Ratings On This Product &lt;&lt;</a></strong></p></blockquote><p>A gas chainsaw can be damaged if you store it on a shelf for a long period of time. Before you store the saw you must drain the gas to stop the gas lines from becoming compromised. Mixed gas also becomes thick and gummy after it sits so it can mess up the engine if you try to run old fuel through it.</p><p>A electric saw requires no mixed fuel so it can sit on the shelf for months at a time without being damaged. When you need the saw you simply pull it out of the case you store it in and go to work.</p><h2><span style=”color: #003366;”>Things I Love About This Electric Saw</span></h2><p>The reliability of this Oregon CS1500 chainsaw is probably my favorite feature. They are made from high quality materials and the manufacturer has put a large amount of dedication into producing tools that work properly. I must say that the following features on the saw have to be my absolute favorites.</p><h3><span style=”color: #ff6600;”>Self Sharpening</span></h3><p>When the chain on a chainsaw is sharp it allows the machine to work better, and to work faster. If the chain is dull then the motor of the equipment must work harder, and struggle to make the cuts you ask it to make. Sharpening a chain is not really easy to do.</p><p>Either you have to have a file that you use to sharpen each tooth of the chain or you have to take the chain off of the bar and take it to a chainsaw shop where they have a machine they can put the chain on to sharpen the teeth.</p><p>If you hand sharpen the teeth of the chain you must make sure that each tooth is sharpened to the exact same length and angle or the saw will not work properly. The self sharpening feature allows you to pull a lever and within three minutes your chain will be sharpened to perfection.</p><h3><span style=”color: #ff6600;”>Tool Less Tension Adjustments</span></h3><p>Tightening the chain on a saw can be a difficult and time consuming task. You have to find the set screw located near the housing of the saw and then use a screwdriver, or a saw wrench, to loosen the screw.</p><p>You get the chain properly positioned on the bar and then you tighten the screw until the chain is tight enough to stay in place yet loose enough to move freely. This process makes you stop working to tighten the chain but with a tool less chain tightening system you simply turn a knob and tighten the chain.</p><h3><span style=”color: #ff6600;”>Perfect Balance</span></h3><p>A chainsaw is like a knife. It must be perfectly balanced in order for you to use it and get the most benefit from it. If the bar end of the saw is too heavy then it will be hard for the operator to hold the saw in a proper cutting position, and if the motor end of the saw is too heavy then it will be hard to hold in a proper cutting position.</p><p>A chainsaw must be perfectly balanced so that you can hold it at the proper angle for cutting.</p><h3><span style=”color: #ff6600;”>Two Year Warranty</span></h3><p>The two year warranty on this saw is for the average home owner. There is a one year warranty for people who will be using the saw professionally. I like any tool that the manufacturer thinks enough of to provide a guarantee that it is going to work properly.</p><p>[thrive_link color=’red’ link=’https://www.amazon.com/Oregon-CS1500-Self-Sharpening-Electric-Chain/dp/B00OIZ1XHW/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&amp;linkCode=ll1&amp;tag=chainsawsharpenerreviews03-20&amp;linkId=9ac591f91f65a04618902e6e5c71d47d’ target=’_blank’ size=’medium’ align=’aligncenter’]Check Latest Price and Stock[/thrive_link]</p><h3><span style=”color: #008000;”>Pros</span></h3><ul><li>Reduced kick back guide bar</li></ul><ul><li>Ergonomic handle design for comfort</li></ul><ul><li>Light weight</li></ul><ul><li>Eighteen inch bar</li></ul><ul><li>Integrated chain brake</li></ul><ul><li>Self sharpening</li></ul><ul><li>Automatic oiler</li></ul><ul><li>Two year consumer warranty</li></ul><ul><li>One year professional owner warranty</li></ul><ul><li>Fifteen amp motor</li></ul><ul><li>Tool less chain tension adjustment</li></ul><h3><span style=”color: #ff0000;”>Cons</span></h3><ul><li>Some assembly required</li></ul><h2><span style=”color: #003366;”>Final Thoughts</span></h2><p>This is a good saw for the homeowner to have. You will be able to safely keep your trees and bushes trimmed so that they look prettier. You will be able to cut large limbs into smaller sections for easy removal. It is light so almost anyone can use it, and it is not hard to crank.  </p>