Oregon Bench Chain Grinder – Model 510A

Oregon 510A Bench Chain Grinder

My family depends on me to keep firewood cut so they can be warm in the winter months. That means that I have to keep a properly working chainsaw handy to cut the wood with. In order for me to keep a properly working saw I have to keep my chains sharpened and ready to use, and that is where things start to become difficult.

You see people sitting on a tree stump or on a portion of a log and they have their chainsaw between their legs, and they are quickly sharpening the teeth of that saw using a file. Then when you attempt to hone your chain in the same manner it becomes glaringly obvious that you can only do that after years of practice, and then you still may have chains that only last a fraction of the time they should last because they were improperly sharpened.

An Oregon electric chainsaw sharpener can guarantee a sharp cutting edge on your chain teeth, and a longer life for your chains.

Things I Love about this Oregon Bench Chain Grinder

I love this Oregon chainsaw sharpener because it is able to do everything I need it to do, quickly and efficiently. Some of my favorite features of this tool are:

Increases the Life of my Chains

Chains for a chainsaw are not inexpensive items. I pay around thirty to thirty five dollars for each one I purchase. These items should last a long time if they are properly cared for. You should not stick the bar and chain in the dirt when you are cutting, you should keep the chain oiled properly, and you should keep the chains properly sharpened. An electric chainsaw sharpener like the Oregon Bench Chain Grinder will allow you to keep the perfect edge on the teeth of your chain with little effort on your part.

Easy Grip Handles

The large easy to grip handles on this automatic chainsaw sharpener make it safer for me to operate because there is less chance that the chain will slip out of position and come out of the gripping vise.


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  • The motor only turns in one direction
  • Has a large motor fan to keep it from overheating during use
  • Comes with a dressing brick
  • Comes with three grinding wheels
  • Comes with a template that allows you to maintain proper depth, wheel contour and chain pitch
  • Has large easy to grip handles
  • Fast and efficient


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  • The manual leaves a lot to be desired
  • Takes about thirty minutes to assemble

Final Thoughts

It is very easy for people who do not own a chainsaw to tell you that you do not need an electric chainsaw sharpener. The people who say you do not need this item are amongst a group of individuals who have never cut wood, and have no respect for the hard work you do in order to cut the wood for your family. An automatic chainsaw sharpener saves you time, saves you money, and it prolongs the life of your saw and your chains.