Oregon 310-120 Bench Mounted Mini Saw Chain Grinder

Oregon 310-120

I like this small Oregon 310-120 chainsaw sharpener. It is designed to keep the edge on the teeth of your saw, and it does the job perfectly. This unit is meant to be used by homeowners and people who do occasional wood cutting. It is light duty, easy to use, and affordable.

Things I Love about this Oregon 310-120 Chainsaw Sharpener

Oregon 310-120 Bench Mounted Mini Saw Chain Grinder

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I want to know why someone loved one tool more than they loved the next one. I know that curiosity supposedly killed the cat, but I am curious as to why people like one thing more than they like something else. So I will tell you that the following things are the reasons why I like this chainsaw sharpener better than some others.

All Aluminum Housing

Many chainsaw sharpeners that fall into the small or mini categories have plastic housings that are easily broken. The aluminum housing on this Oregon chainsaw sharpener will insure that you get more use out of the tool.

Oregon 310-120 Mini Saw Chain Grinder

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Easy to Understand Instruction Manual

A large number of chainsaw sharpeners get bad reviews because the instruction manuals telling people how to assemble them, operate them, and trouble shoot them, are hard to read and comprehend. This Oregon chainsaw sharpener comes with a manual that is easy to understand and that covers all of the information you are going to need to know about the tool. I like that.


I like accessories, but I really like it when a company knows what you are going to need in order to fully use a product and they include all of those things you need with the main product. I like that this chainsaw sharpener comes complete with two grinding wheels, and a dressing brick, and a gauge, and that Oregon manufacturing even included two motor brushes with the tool.



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  • This chainsaw sharpener has a 2 year limited lifetime warranty
  • Cast aluminum housing makes it more durable
  • Comes standard with two grinding wheels
  • Comes standard with a dressing brick
  • Comes standard with a gauge
  • Comes standard with extra motor brushings
  • Clear and precise instruction manual
  • Improved chain positioning “dog”
  • One way motor operation
  • Fixed motor angle


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  • This Oregon chainsaw sharpener is not well suited for commercial use. It is primarily a light duty tool that is great for homeowners saw sharpening needs
  • Does not have the same amount of power or the versatility you get from a full size chainsaw sharpener

Final Thoughts

I like this Oregon chainsaw sharpener and I recommend it to everyone. The tool is easy to operate, the instructions are clear and precise, the price is good, and the tool is built from sturdy materials so it will last longer, and performs better, than most of its competitors.