A fourteen-inch chainsaw is probably the perfect size for the majority of people. Larger chainsaws are heavier and they are hard to crank. You have undoubtedly at some time in your life seen a picture of a big man holding a chainsaw in one hand and almost dropping it as he pulled the cord to try and spin the magneto and crank the machine.

You had best know what you are doing and have a lot of upper body strength before you attempt to crank a saw in this fashion.

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This Makita Electric Chain Saw only requires you to push a button and let it start up. No jerking or pulling is required. makita electric chain saw

Things I Love about this Makita Electric Chain Saw

I love this electric chainsaw and I suggest that you will also like the tool. It does everything a homeowner requires and it has the following features that make it even better for some homeowners.

Large Trigger Switch

A large trigger switch reduces or totally eliminates hand strain. When you have a large trigger switch your finger rests against it and is able to keep it depressed without cramping or hurting.

When you have to hold a small trigger down your hand will become cramped quickly from the strain of trying to keep your finger on the small piece of plastic. The manufacturer did everything they could do to try and make this saw user friendly.

Large Oil Reservoir

If you have a small oil reservoir on your electric chainsaw there is a good chance that you will have to stop frequently to refill the oil reservoir. If you have a large oil reservoir then you will not have to fill the reservoir up as often, It is likely that you will only fill the oil reservoir once per job. Makita UC3551A Electric Chain Saw

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The oil reservoir also has a clear view pane so you can see how much oil is in the container and how much oil is needed in the container. This keeps you from accidentally running out of oil and it stops you from over-filling the container and having a mess to clean up.

Built In Current Limiter

The built in current limiter will increase the life of your saw motor. The built in current limiter automatically powers down the engine so that it can withstand the strain of working under a load without burning the motor, or the bushings in the motor up.

With this feature you saw will last two to three times longer than it would last without this feature.

Rubberized Soft Grip Handle

The rubberized soft grip handle will absorb a large portion of the shock and vibrations that happen when you are using a electric chain saw. When the saw is running it naturally vibrates and those vibrations can add to the muscle fatigue and cramps that the operator is subjected to.

By adding rubberized handles the manufacturer took some of the stress away from the operator. That means you can work longer and get more things accomplished with less aching in your arm muscles.


  • Large trigger switch
  • Rubberized soft grip handle
  • Large oil reservoir
  • Clear window on oil reservoir
  • Built in current limiter
  • No tools required to adjust bar or chain
  • One year warranty
  • Durable and reliable
  • Affordable
  • Light weight


  • Accessories like the carry case and chain files are sold separately
  • Some assembly required

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Final Thoughts

Owning a 14 inch electric chainsaw means that a homeowner can take control of their own yards and how they look. They will have the ability to keep their trees trimmed and pruned, and keep the wood debris that might be deposited during a storm cleared out of the yard.

Owning a chain saw does not come without some risk. You should read the owner’s manual completely before you attempt to operate your new piece of equipment. You should read the safety precautions and the recommendations for safety gear before you operate the saw.

You might think that safety gear is over-rated, but the truth is that the gear has been designed to prevent accidents that have happened before to other people. The main reason for the development of safety gear is because someone has injured themselves with a product.

Safety Goggles to protect your eyes, and gloves to protect your hands, are two of the main types of safety gear that people who operate electric chainsaws need. You should never operate a machine of this type wearing short pants or sandals.