An electric chain saw can be a tool that keeps your yard looking neat, and that saves you money on electricity in the winter, that helps to heat your home, and that helps you to be able to cook your food. These appliances are affordable, light weight and they pose no danger to our ozone layer from their emissions.

Makita 5012B Commercial Grade 11 Inch 11.5 amp Electric Chain Saw

I believe that everyone should own one of these items and that everyone should know that not all of the saws are exactly alike. They have different features that make them a better choice for different people.

Things I Love About This Electric Chain saw

I love a lot of things about this saw. My favorite things are


This saw weighs less than ten pounds. It is so light that almost anyone can work with it without experiencing arm strain or fatigue. It is light enough that you can hold it positioned over your head and prune limbs. You can easily climb the tree, or a ladder, and use this saw because you can comfortably hold it in one hand and steady yourself with the other hand. The light weight of this saw makes it easier to use, and it makes it safer to use in some situations. I like a feature that creates ease of use and safety all at once.

Large Hand Protector

When you are cutting wood the saw chain creates small pieces of wood that are thrown back towards the saw. People know about sawdust, which is a fine compilation of wood matter created when you cut a wooden object, but they do not realize that pieces of bark and wood that are larger will be striking their hands.

You will not normally be severely injured by these flying wood chips, but when they strike you a stinging sensation that can be rather painful may be felt. This pain can cause you to lose your grip on the saw, and this can create a safety hazard. This large hand protector will keep you safer while you work.

It is a Complete Package

When your new electric chainsaw arrives it will come with everything you need to go to work. It has a Phillips screwdriver in the box and a file for sharpening the chain when it gets dulled. It comes with a cord hook to help you keep the extension cord plugged in and it comes with a socket wrench. You will also get a chain cover to protect your chain when you are not using the chainsaw. I like that the manufacturer thought about the needs of the operator and compiled a kit that would meet the majority of those needs.

You will find that the only thing the manufacturer forgot to supply you was the bar and chain oil. You will have to buy that, and your extension cords separately.


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  • Weighs less than ten pounds
  • Sprocket located in the end of the bar to make the chain action smoother
  • Reliable
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Poly-carbonate housing will not rust
  • High chain speed allows you to cut fast
  • Large hand protector
  • Built in overload protector
  • Automatic oilier
  • Uses no mix gas
  • Produces no harmful emissions
  • Double insulated
  • Has a one year warranty
  • Comes with Phillips screwdriver
  • Comes with cord hook
  • Comes with a file
  • Comes with a chain cover
  • Comes with a eleven and three quarter inch guide bar
  • Comes with the eleven and three quarter inch chain
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  • Some assembly required

Final Thoughts

I know that an electric chain saw is not considered by some people to be as dangerous as the heavier gas powered chainsaws are. The electric saws are lighter, and the possibility of being burned by the hot muffler is far less, but the possibility of being cut by the chain or having debris get into your eyes is still real.

You should wear the same protective gear when you are operating one of these saws that you would wear if you were operating a gas powered saw. The main piece of protective gear that you need is eye protection like goggles. Then you should consider gloves to protect your hands, and you should always wear shoes that are close toed when working with any powerful tool like a chainsaw. The electric chain saws are not as loud as the gas ones so you may not need to wear ear plugs.