I chose this Husqvarna Gas Chainsaw for my chainsaw reviews, this Swedish company makes a dependable piece of equipment that does its intended job reliably year after year. They make more professional saws than home owner saws but they put the same quality into their home owner saws that they do into their professional series. Husqvarna Gas Chainsaw

Things I Love about this Husqvarna Gas Chainsaw

I found that after reading the best electric chainsaw and gas chainsaw that this item was among the top picks for this type of equipment. The following features made me love this particular item more than I would have others like it.

Light Weight

This saw weighs less than eleven pounds and that means that you will have less muscle strain in your forearms and in your hands. When you carry a chainsaw around the weight of the saw causes your muscles to be strained.

Then the vibrations of the saw as it cuts through wood can cause your muscles to be strained farther. A lighter saw means less muscle strain so you can work longer and get your chores completed.

Fuel Pump for Easier Starting

The fuel pump will prime your fuel system so after it has been sitting for a long period you will not have to struggle to get your saw started. A professional saw is operated on a daily basis on most days of the year.

These saws stay primed and ready to crank but the typical home owner saws lose their prime because they sit for long periods of time without being used. The fuel drains from the systems and when the home owner tries to start it they have a difficult time doing so.

Reduced Fuel Consumption

The X Torq engine technology that is a part of the Husqvarna chainsaws allows the saw to use less fuel when it is being operated. Fuel for these types of engines consists of gasoline that is mixed with a special two cycle oil.

The oil and the gas both cost money so reducing the fuel consumption saves you money. The mixing of the oil and the gas takes time, so having an engine that uses less fuels saves you time. I like anything that saves me time and money.

Reduced Emissions

The same technology that causes the engine of this piece of equipment to use about twenty percent less fuel than other engines of the same type and size also allows this engine to produce about seventy five percent fewer emissions.

The reduced emissions are a great thing for the environment. You will be blowing less harmful chemicals into the air that you breathe, and less oil will be saturating the earth and leeching into the water that you drink. You will save the trees, the birds, the fowl, and the fish, as well as the humans.

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Special Warranty

This chainsaw comes with a two year standard warranty from the manufacturer. Husqvarna has added an incentive to get people to want to buy this saw. If you purchase this handheld gas chainsaw and buy three of the thirty two ounce cans of mixed fuel, and register the saw online then Husqvarna will double the number of years that you have a warranty on your saw.

Your standard warranty is two years and with the special purchase Husqvarna will double that to a four year warranty. This is a great deal because you have to have fuel for the saw and you have to register it online to activate the standard warranty.

You get double the years of warranty for buying things you already need, and doing something you have to do anyway. Anytime you see a chainsaw for sale that has a special incentive warranty consider purchasing the extras and get the coverage. 

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  • Choke stop control reduces engine flooding
  • X Torq engine reduces fuel consumption and decreases emission
  • Two year standard warranty
  • Special incentive warranty
  • Automatic oiler
  • Anti vibration feature
  • 16 Inch Bar
  • Light weight
  • Fuel pump
  • Ability to see how much fuel is in the saw


  • Some assembly required
  • Carry case is not included but can be purchased as an accessory

Final Thoughts

Safety equipment like protective goggles for your eyes, long sleeve shirts, long pants, shoes, and gloves are recommended any time you are using these powerful pieces of equipment. The chainsaw killings you see in the movies are fictional and could not happen in the manner they are depicted, but chainsaws can cut you severely so you should be cautious when using equipment such as this.