The best electric and gas chainsaw reviews 2017 provided me with the inspiration to give this saw a better look. When I considered all of the features it had I had to have one.

Features of This Husqvarna 445 2-stroke Gas Powered Chain Saw

I love a tool that is built to last a long time, and do the job you need it to do. I like this gas chainsaw because it is reliable and always performs just like I expect it to. The following features make this the perfect saw for me. Husqvarna 445 2-stroke Gas Powered Chain Saw

Centrifugal Air Cleaning System

This air cleaning system removes the larger pieces of wood debris that get caught in the air filter. By doing this the air cleaning system will reduce the number of times and frequency that you have to clean your air filter.

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An electric chainsaw is usually chosen by anyone that wants a light weight saw. It I amazing to find a gas operated chainsaw that is as light as the majority of electric chainsaws.

Produces Fewer Emissions

The air we breathe is critical and the emissions from our gas operated tools, vehicles, and machines reduce the quality of our air. Husqvarna has created an engine that uses about twenty percent less fuel than their competitors and produces about seventy five percent fewer harmful emissions. This makes the air we breathe cleaner for everyone.

Consumes Less Fuel

Husqvarna makes top picks on most of the best gas chainsaw reviews because of their X Torq technology. This technology allows the engine to work so efficiently that it requires less fuel to operate the machine. The lower fuel usage saves you money, and it saves you the time you would have spent mixing the fuel for your machine.

Visible Fuel Level

If your fuel tank is not transparent you have to stop working, and remove the cap to the fuel tank in order to determine how much fuel you have, and when you need to add more. This piece of equipment provides you the ability to see the amount of fuel you have in the tank while you are working so you do not have to guess whether or not you have enough fuel to last until you finish the job at hand.

Automatic oiler

When you see a chainsaw for sale and it does not have an automatic oiler then I suggest you keep looking. The automatic oiler disperses the oil onto the bar so that the chain can move fluidly around the bar when it is being operated.

This lubrication is mandatory for proper work out of your equipment. When you do not have an automatic oiler you have to remember to oil the bar yourself. This was usually done by depressing a button that would be located near the trigger of the chainsaw.

The manual oiler button would be depressed with your thumb so you were using the four fingers of your hand to control the saw. The invention of the automatic oiler increased your control, and it took the responsibility of remembering when to add oil to the bar out of your hands and gave it to the machine.

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Low Vibration Handle

When you use a chainsaw your hands will start to cramp because the vibrations produced during operation come through the bar of the saw, to the body of the tool, and then into your hands and forearms.

These vibrations reduce the amount of time that you can hold the saw and work so they reduce the amount of work you can get done in a day. With the handle absorbing the majority of the vibrations your hands will not cramps as quickly and you will be able to work longer. You will also experience less soreness the day after you use the equipment.


  • CARB compliant
  • Easy to use tension adjustment
  • Combined switch for on/off
  • Produces fewer emissions
  • Centrifugal air cleaning system
  • Fuel pump makes starting easier
  • Low vibration handle


  • Some assembly required
  • Does not come with carry case
  • Will not stack wood for you[/wpsm_list]

Final Thoughts

Protect your eyes, ears, and hands whenever you use a chainsaw. These are powerful tools that have the potential to do bodily injury if you do not properly protect yourself.