Granberg Bar-Mount Chains Saw Sharpener Model# G-106B


Heading into the woods with this Granberg Bar-Mount Chain Saw Sharpener in your pocket will insure that your saw chain cuts properly from the moment you arrive until the last limb is trimmed, cut, and stacked on your trailer.

Features I Love about this Granberg Chainsaw Sharpener

An automatic chainsaw sharpener is wonderful to have in your work area but when you are in the woods you need something light, portable, durable, and easy to use. The following features make this chainsaw sharpener fit all of those terms.

Attaches to Bar of Saw

Every time you remove the chain from the bar of the saw you stretch the chain just a little. Over time the chain gets so stretched that it no longer fits properly and you have to have a link or two removed from the length of the chain so it can work properly on your saw. This Granberg Bar-Mount Chains Saw Sharpener attaches to the bar of the saw so you do not have to remove the chain to sharpen the teeth. You get a precisely sharpened chain with minimal effort.

Creates Precise Angles

If you have ever sharpened a chainsaw chain without an electric chainsaw sharpener to assist you then you know how difficult it is to create the precise angles needed on each tooth of the chain. Most people who sharpen their chains by hand do some one or two times and then they take the saw to a professional to have it honed using an electric chainsaw sharpener to get the angles and lengths of the teeth back to an equal setting. By using this hand held chainsaw sharpener you can get proper angles for each tooth.


The fact that you get to carry this Granberg Bar-Mount Chains Saw Sharpener with you when you go out to cut wood increases its value. The portable unit allows you to have precision honed teeth on your chain even when you cannot use an automatic chainsaw sharpener.

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  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Creates precise angles
  • Portable
  • Attaches to bar of saw so you do not have to remove chain


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  • The directions in the instruction manual could have been written more clearly
  • Your need to buy more than one because people will always want to borrow this Granberg Bar-Mount Chains Saw Sharpener


Final Thoughts

Have you ever cut into a tree and discovered that years ago someone nailed something to the tree, or they wrapped a piece of wire around the trunk of the tree? Over time the tree bark grew over the wire or nail so you can no longer see it there. When someone comes along with a chainsaw and starts to cut the tree down, and cut the tree into pieces of firewood they discover the nail, or wire, when they hit it with their saw.

Once you hit something like a nail with the chain of your saw you will need to sharpen the chain. If you have this small chainsaw sharpener with you the problem is solved. You can sit down where you are and put a razor edge back on the teeth of your chain.