If you need an electric chainsaw sharpener that is powerful, durable, and made to work then you need this one. This Chainsaw Sharpener with Lamp can be mounted to almost any flat surface so you do not necessarily have to use up all of your work table space to store ht tool when not in use. Chainsaw Sharpener with Lamp The ability to sharpen the majority of chains used today makes this a perfect homeowner or commercially owned machine. I have sharpened a lot of chains using mine and the result has been chains that cut as good, or better than they did when they were first purchased.

Things I Love about this Chainsaw Sharpener with Lamp

I had to use my automatic chainsaw sharpener several times before I could determine which features it had that I thought were most useful to me. I must say that each time I used the chainsaw sharpener I found another feature that I liked about it, and after several uses I decided that I like all of the features, but the following are my favorites.

Built in Light

The built in light with this Chainsaw Sharpener with Lamp  allows me to see what I am doing. A lot of these types of tools have no light whatsoever and you have to rely on the brilliance of your shop lighting to enable you to see what you need to see. The other chainsaw sharpeners that I have found with built in lights had dim lights that were of little help to enabling your ability to see. I like the light on this device.

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Clear Plastic Safety Guard

This chainsaw sharpener has a clear plastic safety guard so I can see when something goes awry. It protects me but provides me with the ability to see what I need to know about my machine.


The chain saw sharpener only weighs ten pounds so it is easy to mount to the wall. Heavier machines have to be placed on table tops or on benches. 

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  • Motor runs quiet and smooth with very little vibration
  • Can mount to the wall or to the bench top
  • Has a clear plastic safety guard so you can see what is happening
  • All metal construction for durability
  • Weighs only ten pounds
  • Comes standard with two grinding wheels
  • Has a built in light and even the light bulb comes with the chainsaw sharpener
  • Comes standard with a wheel dressing brick
  • Has a complete pitch guide template included
  • Has a bore diameter of 7/8”


  • Instruction manual could be more clear about how to assemble and how to operate
  • The pivot is created by a steel pin that extends through the two castings. A larger pin that has a bearing would be nicer.

Final Thoughts

After using this automatic chainsaw sharpener for several years I can honestly say if I had to do it all over again, knowing what I know now, I would buy this tool again.