No doubt you’ve read them.

Review sites that promise to tell you the best pole saw on the market only to recommend you to buy a shit pole saw that last only a few months.

You are probably wondering if this site is one of them. Well, there is a reason why customers love reading my reviews. In the pages ahead you are not only going to discover the best pole saws but get away with a couple of things:

  • A well-thought buying guide to help you choose a pole saw.
  • Safety measures that you need to know in order to keep your pole saw working in good conditions.
  • Best-selling pole saws that have received lots of praise and accolades from satisfied customers.

Best Pole Saws – Compared







Black and Decker LPP 120 20V Pole Saw

20 – Volt

8 – Inch


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Remington RM1025SPS Ranger

8 Amp

10 Inch


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How we created this List

This pole saw reviews artcile contains juicy meaty information that will guide to choose nothing but the best. I have spent lots of man hours on this guide so as to never waste your precious time.

Man-hours of expert interviews and testing to find something that will meet and hopeful surpass your expectation. Enjoy the guide.

Best Pole Saw 2017 Reviews In Details

1. Sun Joe SWJ800E 8-Inch 6.5-Amp – Best Electric Pole Chain Saw

BLACK+DECKER LPP120 20V Lithium Ion Pole Saw

The Black and decker LPP 120 volt are known for their ample cutting power. The 8-inches bar and chain, makes it easy for the pole saw to cut through thick brunches that are up to 6 inches or more in diameter.

At only 6.3 pounds, you will find the black and decker pole saw to be super light compared to other electric power saw or corded pole saw that are known to be more expensive and costly to maintain.

I would consider owning the black and decker LPP 120 volt to be a dream comes true for that agile homeowner. That is because most homeowners like having a powerful machine that is less noisy, heavier, and lighter with incredible performance.

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And the black and decker pole saw proves to pass those limitations that a homeowner finds when operating a gas powered pole saw.

It may lack an automatic oiling system, but you will love the fact that it comes at zero maintenance at your cost and energy. However, the pole saw has accumulated lots of review from satisfied customers because it has 3 of the main vital things: More horsepower, lighter and long to reach high branches.

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3. Remington Maverick 25cc 2-Cycle – Best 8 Inch Gas Pole Saw

Remington Ranger 10-Inch Electric Chainsaw/Pole Saw

The Remington RM1025P ranger features a sturdy and powerful 8 amp electric motor that is capable of trimming and cutting any hard-to-reach brunches and tree trunk.

With the ability to reach high places as far as 10 to 15 feet, you can actually reach any height in your yard or garden without resorting to climbing the tree.

With a flip and clock clamp, you pole will be sturdy and secured in place. You will not run into any inconveniences or accident with a poorly snugged pole saw. The nonslip grips, prevents your hands from slipping when you are holding the pole saw.

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An improvement that you will find in this pole saw is the 10-inch bar and chain designs that lowers the risk of kickback.

As a premium tool, the Remington RM1025p comes as combo package which is a nice investment for every buck that you shell on it. You can work with it both as a pole saw and chainsaw. It is effective, all you need is to disconnect the pole saw and start using it to cut fallen branches and tree trunks.

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5. GreenWorks 20302 G-max 40V – Best 8 Inch Cordless Pole Saw

Remington Ranger 10-Inch Electric Chainsaw/Pole Saw

The Remington Ranger Pro RM1025SPS is capable of reaching branches that are 10-feet to 15-feet high. It comes along with an adjustable bar chain that extends up to 10-feet so that you can reach hard-to-reach brunches.

Easy and simple to operate. It includes an Instant start and an 8-amp motor that is designed to help you maneuver any tough tree trunks or brunches very quick.

Remington RM1025SPS comes with an easy slip and lock clamp. Well, this two features means that you can turn the pole saw to a chain saw in a matter of minute. What you simple do is to disconnect the pole and start cutting the down the tree trunk that you fell. It is as simple as that.

Looking at the quality of the Remington ranger, it wouldn’t surprise you to find that it is durable and versatile. The pole is made of a combination of fiberglass and aluminum material. If you hold the pole you feel its stiffness and weight.

With an 8-amp motor you will be able to tackle large trimming and cutting tasks.

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Best Pole Saw Buying Guide

It is easy to think that you can just shop for any pole saw and that is it. Although they serve one primary objective, which is to cut and trim, lots of customers and even first time buyers still complain about having to choose a wrong pole saw.

When choosing the best pole saw, homeowners forget one thing: It must be capable of providing the right balance of weight and functionality when it is working.

Not all pole saws work the same; they have different features and functionality. Some premium features may not be necessary when you are starting out with a pole saw.

Here are some factors you need to know before choosing a pole saw.

Types of pole saw

They come in different types depending on the functionality that you want. They started out as chainsaw connected to an extend pole saw. They are so popular in the garden and yard management. Today they are four types of pole saw.

Manual pole saw

They come with an attached blade that you can extend to cut tree limbs or the brunch. Additionally, you will need to use extra effort to work with this type of pole saws.

Manual pole saw aren’t popular. However, they are best choice for few landscaping and homeowners. They take some extra time and effort to get the job done. They are useful when it comes to minor and infrequent trimming around the house.

Electric pole saw

They are suited if you have a small or an average sized garden or yard. Electric pole saws have zero maintenance hassle and no vibrations.

Additional, these types of electric pole saw are light and easy to run. They produce little to no noise and have more horsepower compared to cordless pole saws.

Electric pole saw comes with an extension cord that you can plug it on an electric power switch to begin operation. Their cord mostly is usually a 100-foot long. On power capability, they are strong than cordless pole saw.

Cordless pole saw

In the absence of power outages or electric fault, cordless pole saw becomes efficient. These types of pole saw can handle light trimming and cutting tasks at home.

They run on lithium ion battery that makes it easy for you to operate them anywhere. With battery saw you will work for short period of time. To get through the day, you will need to have extra pack of batteries that you will swap them after depletion. For large trimming or cutting jobs, you are better off going with gas-powered pole saw.

On the brighter side, cordless pole saw produces zero noise, less vibration and no maintenance at all.

Gas powered pole saw

Gas powered pole are powerful and they are suited for that professional landscapers who tackle heavy-duty jobs.

Gas pole operate for an extended period of time and can cut through any thick brunches in seconds or minutes.

On the downside, they tend to be heavier and louder. On top of it, they are expensive to run and maintain. Only professional landscapers with experience will have an easy time running and operating this types of pole saw


You need to have a budget for the type of pole saw that you will buy. If you wish to spend less than $100 on a pole saw, then be prepared to buy manual pole saw.

For under $200 or $300, you may get an electric chain and gas powered pole saw.

The bar length

After you have known the type of pole saw to buy, you need to determine the dimension you want for the bar length.

Pole saw that have longer bar length have more cutting ability than pole saw with short bar length. However, one thing that you need to keep in mind when choosing the bar length is the weight.

An extended bar length, can be heavier to hold in your hand. If possible trying choosing a pole saw that weigh less and has a longer bar length.

However, you can still opt for pole saw with short bar length, if you won’t be able to support the weight of the pole saw in your hands.

Distance of the brunches

Do you have trees that have high brunches? Then you will need to choose a pole saw with high feets, at least 10 to 15 feet long will be perfect choice for you. When shopping look for the height specification the pole saw can reach.

Branch size

The thickness of the brunch that you will be working on matters. Pole saw machine come with different cutting abilities. You will find one that can cut a 6 thick brunch in a minute.

Additional, if you have thick brunches in your yard, you will need a gas powered pole saw. It cuts quick and fast compared to cordless pole saw.

Pole Saw Safety Tips

Anyone who has used a power tool before will acknowledge the essence of safety. You need to keep yourself and everyone around you safe when using a pole saw.

Most accidents that happen in the forest happen because of ignorance or negligence of a person. If precautions are taken seriously when working with a pole saw, the chances of kickback will be minimal. Here are some safety tips when working with pole saw.

Wear the right protection gear

You need to have the right protection gear when working with pole saws. You will need the following protective gear:

  • Eye protection such as goggles.
  • A helmet to cover your face.
  • Ear protection gadget when working with gas powered pole saw
  • Protection gloves like the non-slip work gloves.
  • Non-slip shoes or work boot.
  • Long tight pants.

For men, you need to avoid loose clothes, because they can get tangled up in the brunch you are cutting. Your sleeves shirt needs to be button up

Inspect the pole saw

Before you jump on working on the pole saw you need to check if it is in the right working conditions. Some of the things to check include:

  • Is the chain oiled and does the automatic bar/chain oil system working properly.
  • The guide bars and sprocket needs to be checked if they have some wear or damage.
  • The throttle lover and throttle lockout switch also have to be checked if they are in the right conditions.

Before getting to work with a pole saw

Working with a pole saw, is not liking working with heat gun, anything can happen out of the blue.

For a good start, keep a 50 feet distance around the brunch or tree limp you are cutting. You do this to prevent the brunch from falling on you.

Second, you need to maintain a two-footed footing on the ground with non-slip work boot. Because of that you don’t need to be on the ladder when you are working or standing on something.

For those who trim trees that are over hill or slight incline you will need to always stand on the hill.

Your hands need to be secured, that is you have a non-slip work gloves that provide enough grip on your hands to prevent slipping.

In the event of jamming or kickback, always shut the engine run immediately and wait for other parts to stop. Then you can start the engine again to continue with your tasks.

Kickback is common with any pole saw and it happens when the tip of the guide bar hits an objects. To avoid this, always maintain a two sturdy handed grip.

When using the pole saw

When you are about to begin your trimming, examine the condition of the tree. By that I mean, where will you cut it, where do you want it to fall? Does the tree have weak brunches that can be blown away by the wind?

Is there any power line or obstruction nearby? Use your due diligence to judge the condition of the tree before cutting it to pieces.

Maintain a 45 degrees angle when cutting a tree brunch. With this angle you will be able to hold the saw while keeping a safe distance from falling brunches.

Pole saw maintenance and storage

For long lasting performance you need to keep your pole saw in the right working conditions all the time.

If you have a gas powered pole saw, you will need to learn how to maintain most of the time.

For each pole saw that you will ever buy, a manufacturer will always give you a manual. This manual contains instructions on how to use and even keep the pole saw in better working conditions.

Before you begin using the pole

Like any other power tool, you will need to inspect the power to check if it is working fine. For instance, the bolts, screws and nuts need to be tight. Anything loose can be a haven for accidents.

You must check the conditions of the trigger and trigger lock to know if they are working in the right away. The chain of the pole saw has to be free from damage or any breaks.

When you have finished using the pole saw

Once you through with the task at hand, you don’t just store your pole saw, you have to do the following tasks so that it is in proper working conditions the next time you use it.

Clean the outside. All you need to do is some basic cleaning. The protective cover below is has to be cleaned. After you are done with all the cleaning make sure to store your bag in a protective case.

What to do every week

If you are a homeowner, you will use the pole saw few times a month, maybe four times or when the need arises. What you may not release is that you will need to keep check on it at least once a week.

A pole saw is something that if not check weekly, it can impede your performance the next time you use it. Here are some of the maintenance tips that you will need to carry on weekly basis to make your pole saw last for long:

  • You need to check the starter cord for wear and tear.
  • Check for damages on the vibration damping element.
  • Every week you need to clean the outside of the spark plug. You need to remove it and check it and adjust according to the manufacturer’s specification.

Inspect the metal bar; if it has been damaged along the edges, you need to file it.

What to do at the end of every month

At the end of month, there are some few things that you will need to do.

One of them being to check the fuel or oil level of the gas powered pole saw. Here is where you can check the fuel filter if it has clogs. If you find any clogs, then you will need to do a replacement.

Check the condition of the fuel hose to see if it has cracks or damages. If any of them exist, then it means that you need a new hose fuel. Lastly, you will need to replace the spark plug every month.

If you have a gas powered pole saw, these tips will help you greatly in your day to day use.

Tree pruning tips

As simple as it is, it won’t surprise you know that most people miss the basic. It has happened to me once.

With the right knowledge and gear, you can prune any tree perfectly. Before we get down to the nitty gritty of pruning, you have to know the benefit of pruning. Pruning is done for three reasons.

  • To keep tree healthy. Pruning helps to get rid of infected trees, brunches and limbs which can be the main cause of accident in the garden or yard. Healthy tree improve the air circulation which is beneficial. Additional trimming also helps the tree to grow in the right conditions.
  • To keep everybody safe. Weak, dead or broken branches can cause accident in the garden or the yard. Getting rid of them prevents this potential hazard from happening. Additionally this week brunches can cause an obstruction to vision when driving. For those reasons, trimming becomes an effective way to protect ourselves.
  • To maintain the shape and appearance. In some gardens, pruning is done to keep the shape and uniform appearance of brunches. When used for this purpose, it can be a sign of beauty.

Now that we know the reasons why we prune, let us look at some tips:

  • Always trim or prune brunches when they young. It is easy to manage and you will spend less time pruning them. Also you will prevent the risk of scars on the tree.
  • Only prune trees brunches, or tree limbs that are weak, dead, and V-shaped.
  • Trimming or pruning should be done when the tree is dormant. However, you can still do this on any time, but it will impede your performance especially during the windy days.
  • Know the size of the branches you will be removing. Brunches that are less than 5 cm should be removed, more than that, you may not want to remove it.

I hope these tips will help you have a better pruning experience.

Final Verdict

I hope I kept my promise on showing you the best pole saw to buy. Read any review about pole saw and you find a complete difference in the style and the way we write.

The difference is between a person who bought the pole saw and used it and the one who read other review to write. I hope this pole saw reviews was detailed and concrete enough to help you make the right choice.