If you are planning to purchase the cheapest gas chainsaw, then I must say: Think Again!

People often think that all chainsaws are equally effective having the similar function. But this is the worst thinking about selecting the best gas chainsaw.

Several factors should be considered before choosing a gas operated chainsaw. You need to compare the functions regarding your purposes, need to know about the usages, differences between pro and homeowner chainsaw models and so many other considerations.

Best Gas Chainsaws – Comparison







Husqvarna 450

Husqvarna 440E Chainsaw

16 Inch

40.9 CC

9.8 Lbs

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This Husqvarna 445 gas chainsaw has a centrifugal air cleaning system designed into it. This air cleaning system will reduce how frequently you have to clean the air filter on your saw, and as a result that will mean a longer engine life for the saw. Dust and debris particles quickly clog up your air filters, but the centrifugal air cleaning system removes larger pieces, and larger amounts of the dust and debris leaving your filter cleaner.

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The tension device has been repositioned so it is easier to reach. The tension on the chain is very important and being able to easily reach the adjustment tensioner is critical.

The manufacturer has designed this saw to meet, or exceed the environmental regulations regarding the exhaust emissions from devices of this type. They have also improved the fuel consumption of the chainsaw so that it uses less fuel. You have a visible fuel indicator so you do not have to guess how much fuel is in your saw, or take the top off of the tank and try to see how much fuel is left in the tank.

There is a combined start and stop switch makes this gas chainsaw easier to start than the older chainsaws were. There is also a low vibration handle designed into the housing so you can carry the saw further, and work with it longer without developing hand cramps, or muscle fatigue in your forearms. This low vibration handle also improves the safety of the device.​

2. Echo CS-310 14 Inch – Best Small Gas Chainsaw

The 50.1 cc engine on this gas chainsaw is a commercial grade engine like the professional log cutters use. It is a powerful engine that can easily cut through even the toughest tree trunks, and yet it uses less fuel than other chainsaw engines, and it provides fewer emissions.

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The starting of this saw is easy because of the decompression valve and primer bulb. You get the fuel primed and the engine starts up easily, while the choke automatically returns to the proper starting position.

It does have an automatic oiler to help you keep the chain and bar properly lubricated, but the best part of this automated oiler is that you can adjust how much oil it puts out at one time. When you need more oil because you are working the saw harder you can adjust it to provide more oil, and when less oil is needed a simple adjustment reduces the output.

It supports a twenty inch bar and chain so you can cut down the majority of all trees that you will encounter. It uses gasoline mixed with two cycle oil as fuel, and bar and chain oil in the automatic oiler reservoir.

The bumper spikes and the sprocket nose bar will help you to keep your cuts precisely where you want them and eliminate saw walking.

It comes with a seven year warranty for homeowners, a two year warranty for professional woodsmen, and a one year warranty if the equipment is being rented to other people.

4. Tanaka TCS40EA18 18-Inch – Best Gas Chainsaw For The Money

Husqvarna 966955336 445 powerful gas chainsaw has a 45.7cc engine that supports a sixteen inch bar and chain assembly. It weighs slightly less than eleven pounds, and is designed with all of the latest features to help you do your work efficiently, effectively, and easily.

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The saw has been designed with a combined choke stop control. That control helps you to eliminate flooding of the engine and make it easier for you to crank the engine up.

Husqvarna chainsaw has used the X-Torq engine on this machine. This engine reduces the amount of fuel required to do the work needed. It also produces fewer exhaust emissions because it burns the fuel more thoroughly.

You will change the air filters less often, and will smell the pungent aroma of burning two cycle fuel less because of this new engine design. It makes it easier for the average homeowner to tolerate their equipment, and for the average professional to maintain their equipment.

The saw is designed for commercial or personal use. It is built tough and will withstand many years of use. All you need to do is remember to oil your bar and chain properly, and never store the saw for an extended length of time without draining the fuel from the fuel tank.

The saw comes with an offer to anyone who buys it with three of the thirty two ounce cans of pre-mixed fuel made by Husqvarna, and takes the time to fill out the online registration, will receive an extension on their warranty from a two year warranty to a four year warranty.

6. Tanaka TCS33EDTP/12 32.2cc – Best 12 Inch Top Handle Chainsaw

Husqvarna 16 Inch 2-Stroke x-Torq gas chainsaw is a great lightweight machine that will fit many of your needs. It features tool-less chain tensioning which makes it easier for you to change the tension as needed without looking for your wrench and screwdriver. It enables you to change the tension, even mid job, as needed.

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This one comes equipped with a 16 inch bar, but is also able to be changed out to the bigger 18 inch bar with ease allowing you to choose which bar will best accomplish your work.

The quick release air filter allows you to clean and replace the air filter quickly. Do not let the light weight of this Gas Chainsaw fool you. Weighing in at only around 10 pounds, the balance of the machine and heft makes it easy to use and causes less strain on your arms that some similar models.

You will use less fuel and reduce your emission levels with the new X-Torq engine. The fuel does need to be a mix of oil and fuel for the 2-cycle engine, and it is recommended that you drain and change out the fuel in between uses and when storing the machine for longer periods of time.

The durable construction of this piece of equipment can make quick work of anything that nature throws at it. This Gas Chainsaw is a workhorse and performs like a professional chainsaw.

8. Remington RM4618R Rodeo 46cc 2-Cycle – Best 18 Inch Gas Chainsaw

The 460 Rancher by Husqvarna is the ideal Gas Chainsaw for the most demanding cutting jobs that nature can throw at you. Weighing in at only approximately 13 pounds, it is perfect for your tasks that require more power and a longer cutting bar to accomplish.

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The body of the saw is ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue and strain on your body, arms and hands, allowing for increased usage time than other machines that do not have this feature. The ergonomic design permits you to easily turn and hold this piece of equipment for various cuts and positions needed to get your tasks done.

The 20 inch bar with its easy to access side mounted chain tensioner easily cuts through your larger cutting jobs, while making it simple and quick to adjust the tension as needed.

The quick release air filter makes the task of cleaning and changing out the air filter a breeze for you. Another great feature is the Smart Start technology that makes it easy to start the equipment in all types of conditions and makes the pulling start easier for you to operate.

The 3-piece crankshaft is forged for maximum durability for the all your toughest applications and along with the durable, professional construction ensures years of rugged use. Getting the bar on and off is easy with the 2 bolt system, and with a quick turn of the worm screw you can easily tighten up the chain.

10. Husqvarna 460 24-Inch Rancher Chainsaw 60cc 966048324

The WORX WG304.1 Chainsaw 18-Inch 4 HP 15.0 Amp Gas Chainsaw has many characteristics that creates a very versatile machine that helps you accomplish many of your outdoor tasks. The electric saw has a design featuring a patented auto tensioning chain tightening system with a built in chain braking system that adds to the safety, and ease of use, of this piece of equipment.

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This electric chainsaw is ideal for pruning trees, and cleaning up, around your property. Since it is electric powered it does not produce the noxious emissions that its gas powered counterparts do. It also does not require you to mix gas and oil to the perfect proportions in order to run it. You just plug it in and you are ready to get to work.

Another great feature is the no tool chain replacement and auto tensioning system that makes it easy to do what is needed to keep your work day on track and moving along. The auto tensioning system prevents over tightening and helps to prolong the life of the bar and chain. The remarkable 4 peak horse power engine is powerful enough for some of the toughest tasks.

This tool is designed for safety and comfort with its rubber over-molded rear handle and ergonomic full-wrap front handle allowing you to work comfortably and with less strain on your arms and hands. It also includes a safety brake that is built in that stops the chain within seconds, preventing kickbacks.

12. Husqvarna 20-Inch 55-1/2cc Gas Powered Chainsaw

This Husqvarna 967166101 450 2-Cycle Fully Assembled gas driven chainsaw comes with many features that will make all your cutting tasks easier and more simple. The X-Torq engine guarantees high powered performance while reducing fuel consumption. The smart technology found in the air purge system removes large debris and dust particles before it reaches the air filter which allows you to reduce air filter cleanings.

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The chain tensioning system is easily located on the side of the machine to permit for easier and quicker changes to be made to the chain tension. A single nut is used to change out the bar and chain making it quicker to keep your work load progressing.

Smart Start technology ensures an easier start for you every time while preventing flooding of the engine. This item weighs 16 pounds but features an ergonomic design and low vibration to decrease the strain and fatigue that you feel as you use it, and allows for a more comfortable and safer experience, especially when you use it for extended periods of time.

The 2 cycle engine is commanding enough to power through the toughest cutting tasks with ease. This comes equipped with a 20 inch bar which is large enough to handle most jobs found around your home or property and is big enough to meet most consumer needs. A visible fuel level makes it easier to plan your tasks according to fuel consumption.​

14. Echo CS-590 20 Inch Timber Wolf Chainsaw

This Husqvarna 435 16 Inch 40.9cc gas operated chainsaw comes with many features that make it ideal for most cutting jobs that you may encounter. The saw is very easy to start with features such as Smart Start technology, a combined start/ stop switch, and a newly engineered fuel pump. The Smart Start technology allows you to easily and more reliably start the engine while preventing engine flooding.

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The engine also includes X-Torq technology which means it meets stringent regulations concerning the fuel exhaust emissions levels while decreasing fuel consumption and fuel needs.

It has an asymmetrical handle with an ergonomic trigger and body design that allows you to use this machine comfortably and safely for longer periods of time, when compared to similar models. This reduces the arm fatigue and soreness often experienced with other chainsaws. The soft inlay on the handle and grip of this machine offer a more comfortable user experience for you.

It is very lightweight, weighing only around 9 pounds making it light enough for you to more easily maneuver into different cutting positions. The 2 stroke exceptional engine effortlessly powers through the toughest tasks that you can lay before it.

The engine offers no problems starting hot or cold. This high quality saw will be helping you clean up your home and property for many years to come.

16. Poulan Pro PP4218A 42cc Assembled Chainsaw

Believe it or not Husqvarna 445 gas operated chainsaw weighs less than eleven pounds. It has a 45.7cc or two and one hald horsepower engine. That gives it the power to cut through any trees or logs that you need to cut through. The lightweight allows you to work longer because your arm is not strained carrying around unnecessary weight.

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The engine is a low vibration engine that will reduce the strain on your forearms and in your hands. The handle is easy to grip and the air filter is designed with a quick release system so it is easy to pop it off, clean it out, and put it back. Having a clean air filter will increase the life of your saw.

This piece of equipment comes with the centrifugal air cleaning system. This system filters out larger particles of debris than regular air filtration systems do. It also traps a larger amount of dust. You will not need to clean your air filter as often, and you saw will run cooler, and have less complications because it will be able to breathe.

A unique extended warranty is being offered with the purchase of this saw. If you buy this saw, and you also buy three of the thirty two ounce cans of pre-mixed fuel produced by Husqvarna, and you go online and register you purchase with Husqvarna, then they will extend the warranty on your saw from a two year warranty to a four year warranty. That is a pretty good deal because you are going to need fuel and you might as well buy it now.

18. KCHEX 22 Inch 52cc EPA Cutting Chainsaw

The Husqvarna 965146701 18-Inch 50.2cc 2 Stroke Gas Chainsaw is ideal for many various cutting tasks around your home. It features X-Torq engine technology which meets stringent environmental regulations. It decreases noxious exhaust emissions while also reducing fuel consumption.

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The centrifugal air cleaning system cleans out all the large debris and dust particles before they reach the air filter. This increases the longevity of your machine and its engine and decreases the amount of time and money you will spend on cleaning, changing and maintaining the air filter and system. The air purge system removes air from the carburetor while making the engine easier to start.

The transparent fuel indicator makes it easy to check your fuel levels so you can plan your cutting tasks more efficiently. It comes equipped with Smart Start technology which makes the pull start system easier and more reliable for you to operate while decreasing the chances of flooding the engine. With a weight of only about 11 pounds, this saw is lightweight enough for you to operate safely and effectively for an increased amount of time when compared to heavier models.

The low vibration and ergonomic design also make this machine more comfortable and safer to handle than other similar models. This decreases your arm fatigue and soreness when you operate this piece of equipment for extended periods of time.

How to Use Your Gas Chainsaw Safely

Look! Chainsaw is not a handy, tiny tools like a heat gun or a glue gun. When you’re planning on using any kind of power tool, it’s a good idea to have a plan of action. Chainsaws are tools that are especially dangerous if not handled with care. Every year there are serious injuries and even deaths caused by chainsaws. This doesn’t mean that you should avoid using one, it just means that you need that all important plan of action so that you can operate your chainsaw in the safest manner possible.

Here are some simple steps to use your chainsaw the right way.

  • Inspect Your Saw Before Starting it. Take a look at your saw for a moment to make sure there is no obvious damage to the chain or the housing unit. A damaged saw can cause injuries, so taking a few seconds to scope your chainsaw out is a smart step to take.
  • Put on your safety gear. Goggles, head protection, ear plugs and gloves are essential pieces of safety gear that you should have on every time you use your chainsaw.
  • Make sure the saw if fueled up. Don’t wait until you start your job to check the gas levels. Get the saw filled up on gas before you head to the job site.
  • Check your work area. Be sure that the area is clear of people and animals. Look out for tripping hazards and generally keep your eyes open when you begin working with your saw.
  • Engage the chain brake, brace the chainsaw and start it up. Always be smooth and quick as you pull on the start cord. If the saw won’t start there may be a mechanical problem, don’t injure yourself by trying too hard. You shouldn’t have to work up a sweat to start your chainsaw.
  • Once you start cutting, stay aware of our surroundings and focus on the task at hand.
  • Keep a firm, two handed grip on your saw at all times.
  • Start cutting, but stay safe.

Using a chainsaw makes big cutting jobs a breeze, but you have to keep your thoughts always focused on safe use of the saw. Accidents happen in the blink of an eye, so staying focused on safety is essential. Make sure that you never cut alone. You should always have a co-worker or friend nearby, in case you get injured. Stay safe, keep your saw well maintained and enjoy knocking out those big cutting projects. In a study we noticed that 16% accident occurred due to chainsaw on using power tools and equipment.  

How to Carve Wood with a Chainsaw

Chainsaw is a famous wood carving tools. Using a chainsaw to carve is fun but also difficult at the same time. You need to use certain tools and follow specific steps to ace it. 

The first thing that you need to do is use your chainsaw to block out the thing that you want to carve. You then draw a pattern on the wood and make smaller cuts with an 18” chainsaw. Once the outline of the object you are carving is discernible, use specialized tools for detailed cutting. Of course, you cannot use your chain saw for the eyes and mouth. Finally, sand and stain your carving and step back to admire your handiwork. 

Final Thoughts

The best gas chainsaw gives you more freedom to cut wood at locations that are farther away from your home. You will have the ability to go out into the woods and cut down trees for your fireplace because you will not be dragging an extension cord behind you.

The only real problem you might find with the gas powered saws is they need to have the fuel drained from their fuel tanks before you store them for periods of time longer than sixty days. The fuel can go bad and destroy gaskets if you do not drain when the saw will be stored for an extended period of time.