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The best electric chainsaw is one that does the jobs you will need it to do, without costing too much, or being too heavy. I have attempted in this review to include electric powered chainsaws of different sizes, and strengths, so each homeowner can have an opportunity to find the saw that is best for their needs.

The electric saws are not as heavy as their gas powered counterparts, and they do not require the same amount of maintenance, or accessories.

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Best Electric Chainsaw in 2017 Comparison Chart


Product Name





14.5 AMP

8.07 x 19.69 x 14.57 Inches

11 Lbs


14 x 7 x 8 Inches

6.2 Lbs

15 AMP

20 x 10 x 13 inches

12 Lbs

12 AMP

8.8 x 9.8 x 32.8 Inches

9.2 Lbs

12 AMP

20 x 8 x 10.2 Inches

14 Lbs


39.8 x 8.4 x 9.2 Inches

11.9 Lbs

The following are what I considered to be the best electric chainsaw available on the market today. They all have innovative features and ergonomic designs that make them easier to work with, and lighter to carry around.

I believe that all homeowners will be able to find a saw that will do their pruning work, and their firewood cutting, from the following list.

Best Electric Chainsaw On The Market

1. WORX WG303.1 16Inch Saw – 3.5 HP 14.5 Amp

WORX Chainsaw has a chain mechanism that prevents you from being able to over-tighten the chain. This will allow your chain to stay properly positioned, and cutting at its very best for a much longer period of time. It will also help to prevent the chain from being stretched out of proportion. The auto chain lubrication system will keep your bar and chain properly oiled. If the bar of a chainsaw is not properly oiled it will overheat and will start to warp. Once the bar warps it is useless and you have to replace it with another one. Proper lubrication prevents warping and saves you money.

This chainsaw has a 6.75 ounce oil reservoir and an oil level indicator to alert you to the necessity to add oil. One of the great points of an electric chainsaw is you do not have to mix oil and gas to power it, but you do need to have oil for the bar and chain. You do not have the worry of storing the fuel, or keeping the fuel on hand, and you can store this saw without draining the fuel tank.

If you do have to replace the chain, or tighten the chain you will not have to have any tools to make this adjustment. If you have ever been in the woods cutting firewood and lost your chainsaw wrench so you could not tighten the chain, or replace a broken chain, then you know that those wrenches can stop the entire job. You will never have that problem with this electric chainsaw.

2. Remington RM1425 8 Amp 14 Inch Electric Chainsaw

This is the perfect homeowner saw. It is lightweight and will allow you to trim all of the limbs you need to. This power tool only weighs 6.2 pounds, and it is 28.5 x 7 x 8 inches. You can keep your yard looking amazing without all of the hassles that come with a traditional gas powered chainsaw. This electric chainsaw has a fourteen inch bar. It also has an eight amp motor so it has the power it needs to do the work you need it to do.

The saw has been designed with a push button that allows you to oil your chain and bar simply. Your chain and bar must be kept properly oiled in order to keep them from overheating. The simple push button allows you to inject the proper amount of oil onto your chain with the touch of just one finger.

When this Remington saw arrives at your door it will be fully assembled and ready for you to put to work. You do not have to spend time trying to read directions and figure out how to put your new tool together.

The designer included an external chain adjuster to make the job of keeping proper tension easier. The chain should have the proper amount of tension to make it function correctly. If the chain is too loose it can slip off of the bar and possibly injure the operator, and if the chain is too tight it can snap and possibly injure the operator. Expert recommend this as best chainsaw ever.

3. Black & Decker CS1518 15-Amp Corded Chainsaw – 18-Inch

Black & Decker CS1518 15-Amp Corded Chainsaw – 18-Inch

Many homeowners are skeptical about having an electric chainsaw instead of a gas powered version. This skepticism generally stems from the belief that an electric saw does not have the power it would take to do the work they need a chainsaw to do. This electric powered saws will prove to all of the skeptics that gas powered saws are not always the better saws to have.

This Black & Decker CS1518 saw has a powerful fifteen amp motor and will easily cut the limbs you need to trim, and even cut up the firewood you need for your Bar-B-Cue pit, or fireplace. It has a lightweight design and weighs only twelve pounds so it is not hard to carry. It is easy to start up and you do not have to pull on a pull-rope and wear yourself out before you go to work.

Because this saw is so easy to start the manufacturer included an additional button that must be depressed at the same time that you are pulling the trigger in order for the machine to crank. This feature will eliminate the possibility that you will accidentally crank the saw and be injured, or that a child might accidentally crank the saw and be injured.

You do not need tools in order to tighten the chain. As you operate a chainsaw the bar begins to heat up and when this occurs the chain becomes looser on the bar. Having an external tension adjuster that does not require tools makes it easy for you to tighten the chain back up. Our expert mention this as top electric chainsaw from Black & Decker.​

4. Remington Versa Saw 12 Amp 16-Inch Electric Chainsaw

The full wrap handle on this Remington Versa electric chainsaw make it possible for you to find a comfortable way to hold the tool no matter what position you have to get into in order to trim the limbs you need to trim. That improves the safety of the operator because the saw is less likely to slip from your hand and injure you.

The sixteen inch bar on this saw is a low kick bar, and that is another safety feature that protects the operator from possible injury. The twelve amp motor is powerful enough to allow you to cut any limbs that you need to cut.

There is an external adjustment screw that allows you to tighten the chain as needed. When you are working a chainsaw the bar gets hot. When the bar gets hot it causes the chain to not fit as well and a loose chain will not cut correctly, and could be a hazard to the operator. The bar and chain of the saw will need to stay oiled in order for them to function properly.

The oil reservoir on this electric chainsaw has a clear window so you can tell exactly how much oil is available to oil the bar and chain with. Proper oiling increases the life span of your bar and chain, and the engine on your tool. The automatic oiler will disperse the amounts of oil your bar needs, when it needs it. All you have to do is keep the reservoir filled.​

5. Remington ranger Pro10-Inch Electric Chainsaw/Pole Saw 

Every home owner that has ever trimmed limbs and branches from their trees around their property has encountered the limbs that are too high to reach with a normal electric chainsaw. It is dangerous to climb a ladder and use a chainsaw while standing on the ladder, and it is impossible to reach the branch from the ground.

This Remington Ranger Pro 10-inch electric pole saw has a detachable pole that allows you to extend how far you can reach without leaving the ground. You will be safer while you are working, and you will get to trim the branches you want to trim. The pole extends your reach to an additional ten to fifteen feet above your head. Since the pole is detachable you can also use the tool as a normal electric chainsaw.

The pole has flip locks that allow you to extend it to the desired length, and then lock it in position so that it does not slide. This protects you while you work. The flip locks require no tools to operate so you can attach and detach the pole with very little inconvenience.

The bar on the saw is a ten inch, and it has an eight amp motor powering it. The smaller bar and motor help to keep the tool lighter since it is designed to be lifted over your head. It is designed to have the minimum amount of kickback and that is another protective feature for the operator. To me this is the best pole saw with electric powered.

6. Makita UC4051A Electric Chainsaw 16 Inch

Makita UC4051A Electric Chain Saw 16 Inch

Makita UC4051A 16 inch electric chainsaw is filled with features that protect your investment, make the saw last longer, protect you physically, and make working the tool easier to do. The body of the saw has rubberized grip handles. These handles are less likely to slip out of your hands, even when your hands become sweaty. The rubber material absorbs some of the shock of operating the machine so your hands do not ache as much while working with the tool. It also has a large trigger switch to help you start the machine easily.

The oil reservoir is large so you do not have to refill it as often. It also has a clear window that allows you an easy view of how much oil is in the tank, so you know when to refill it.

One feature of this saw that I love is the built in current restrictor. If the machine gets in a bind, or is overloaded, this restrictor will reduce the power and help prevent the motor from burning up.

You will not need a saw wrench or any other tools to do maintenance on your equipment, or to change your chain. You can tighten the chain using just your hands so your work goes smoothly.

7. Black & Decker CS1216 12-Amp Corded Chainsaw 16 Inch

Black & Decker CS1216 12-Amp Corded Chainsaw 16 Inch

When you buy your own property you discover that there are some yard tasks that require you to own a chainsaw. You can run out and purchase a huge gas powered chainsaw like the professional woodsmen use, but you do not need a saw that big, and you certainly do not need a saw that is that heavy. You are going to be sawing limbs, cutting up fallen branches, trimming shrubbery, and possibly cutting up a little firewood, not sending a load of logs to the paper mill. You need an electric chainsaw that is lightweight, easy to use, easy to store, and ready to work when you are.

This Black & Decker CS1216 chainsaw weighs about ten pounds so most homeowners will have no problem carrying it around, or lifting it high enough to do the chores they need to do without straining their arms.

Professionals and homeowners both have to keep their bars and chains properly lubricated so their saws will work correctly. This machine has an automatic lubrication system so you do not have to worry about whether you have enough oil on the bar or not. The oil reservoir has a clear window that allows you to see how much oil is in it so you never let your saw run dry.

You do not have to be an expert to tighten the chain because the tension adjuster is tool free. This is an easy to operate, and easy to maintain, piece of equipment. If you choosy about the size then it is the best electric chainsaw for you.

8. GreenWorks 20222 Corded 9-Amp Chainsaw 14- Inch


GreenWorks 20222 Corded electric chainsaw has a nine amp motor that is powerful enough to take care of the majority of clean up jobs homeowners have around their property. It has a simple push button starting system that is easy to use and does not require any pulling of a rope to get things going.

If the bar heats up and the chain gets some slack in it you will be able to stop cutting and make a quick tension adjustment. The tension adjustment will require no tools, and will allow you to be back to work within a few minutes.

The style of the chainsaw includes a wrap around handle. With the wrap around handle the operator has better control of the machine when it is in operation, and they can easily turn the cutting tool in different directions so that they can cut the limbs they need to cut.

The machine is one of the newer designs that have the automatic oiling system so the bar and chain are always properly lubricated. Without the right amount of oil on the bar the saw can get too hot and this can warp the bar which will stop the chain from running smoothly and cutting correctly.

The saw is light and easy to carry. You do not have to carry jugs of gas mixed with two cycle oil, all you have to do is plug the machine in and go to work. When you are finished you simply roll up your extension cord and put the device away.

9. Poulan PLN3516F 16-Inch 3.5 HP Electric Chainsaw

One of the most intriguing features on this electric chainsaw is the tool-less chain tightening system. You do not need any tools, not a wrench, a pair of pliers, or a screwdriver to tighten the chain onto the bar. You can change out the chains on your saw in just a few minutes so you are not slowed down while you are working. Many people have several chains that fit their saws so they always have plenty of sharpened chains to work with.

This saw is lightweight and easy to carry around with you to any location on your property. Some of the gas powered chainsaws are so heavy that after you carry them for a few feet your arm is too tired to do any work.

The sixteen inch bar and chain are large enough to cut any wood that a homeowner would want to cut, and the three and one half horsepower engine will have enough power to turn that sixteen inch chain so that it slices through wood like a hot knife goes through butter.

The wrap around handle makes the saw more comfortable to hold and helps keep the saw from slipping out of your grip when you are working. When a chainsaw is in operation you want to have complete control of that piece of equipment. This handle design helps you to have that control.

10. Homelite ZR43100 9.0 Amp 14-Inch Electric Chainsaw

Homelite ZR43100 9.0 Amp 14-Inch Electric Chain Saw

This Homelite electric chainsaw has a nine amp motor powering a fourteen inch bar and chain. That size bar and chain is plenty big enough to cut through any trees, limbs, branches, or shrubs that the average homeowner wants to trim. When you get into bars and chains that are larger than fourteen inches you start getting into chainsaws designed for experienced logging professionals.

The single most important maintenance that a person owning an electric chainsaw has to remember to do is oil the bar and the chain. When you crank your chainsaw up there should be small droplets of oil that are thrown by the chain.

On normal saws the operator has to stop occasionally and pour bar oil onto the bar, but this saw has an automatic oiler than injects the bar oil onto the bar keeping the bar and chain perfectly lubricated at all times. There is a clear window on the side of the oil reservoir to show you how much oil you have in the saw before you begin to cut with it. This means your saw will never run out of oil.

The chain tension adjustment does not require any tools for you to be able to tighten the chain, or loosen the chain up and change chains. This feature makes it easy to keep your chain at the perfect tension so it cuts at its peak performance ability.

This saw only weighs about eight pounds so you will not get tired from simply carrying it around with you.

11. Makita UC3551A Electric Chainsaw 14 Inch

Makita UC3551A Electric Chain Saw 14 Inch

The tool-less blade and chain adjustment feature on this Makita UC3551A electric chainsaw will insure that you can always have the perfect tension on your chain. Many times when you are cutting wood your chain becomes loose because the bar that the chain fits on becomes heated and contracts. If you do not have the tool less feature for tightening the chain you have to stop, go find a wrench that will fit the nut holding the chain in place and then tighten the chain, and put the wrench back where it goes. The tool-less feature saves you all of those steps.

One of the most important things to do on a chainsaw is to keep the bar and the chain properly lubricated. This piece of equipment comes with a large oil reservoir to hold the oil for the bar and chain. Many old saws required you to carry around a jug of bar oil and pour it directly onto the bar. This one even has a clear window on the outside of the reservoir so you can tell when you need to add more bar oil to it.

There is a built in current limiter on this piece of equipment. When your saw is cutting through wood it is said to be under a load. When it is under a load the motor can be worked too hard and be burned up unless the power is reduced during these times. The current limiter automatically senses when the saw is under a load and it reduces the power to save the life of the motor.

12. Oregon CS1500 Self Sharpening Electric Chainsaw

Oregon CS1500 Self Sharpening Electric Chain Saw

The fifteen amp motor on this electric chainsaw will provide enough power for the eighteen inch bar and chain. An eighteen inch bar and chain is large enough to cut through any tree trunks, or limbs, that the average homeowner will ever need to cut.

This Oregon CS1500 of equipment has the tool-less tension system so you can easily check the amount of tension on your chain and tighten it accordingly. Chains get loose during operation and it is imperative that you tighten them from time to time.

The best feature is the automatic chainsaw sharpening system this piece of equipment comes standard with. You will not have to carry several extra chains so that you have a sharp chain to finish your task. You will not need to run to the saw shop and have your chain sharpened, or have to sit using a saw file for hours to get a proper cutting edge on each tooth of the chain. There is a simple power strip that you pull to tell the sharpener to go to work. In about three seconds your chain goes from dull to ready to cut.

The saw weighs less than twenty pounds so it is easy to carry. It is ergonomically designed to be comfortable to use for several hours, and it has a two year warranty from the manufacturer.

13. Sun Joe SWJ701E 18-Inch 14 Amp Electric Chainsaw

Sun Joe SWJ701E 18-inch 14 AMP ten pound electric chainsaw is equipped with a powerful fourteen amp motor. It needs that fourteen amp motor to power the eighteen inch Oregon bar and chain it comes equipped with. You will be able to use this saw to trim limbs in your yard, or to cut down trees and harvest the firewood from them. This is a homeowner saw that is designed to do all of the wood cutting chores you might have without the hassle of mixed gasoline and pull rope cranking.

There is a hand guard in place and a kickback brake function to help protect the operator from possible injury during saw use. Chainsaws can be dangerous pieces of equipment if they are not used properly, or if the chain kicks backward so that it comes in contact with the skin of your hand.

The ergonomic handle is designed to make it possible for you to use the saw for several hours without getting hand cramps, and without letting the saw slip from your grip.

This tool has an oil reservoir to hold the bar oil that is needed during operation to keep the bar and chain lubricated. A simple push of a button starts the saw, and a simple button I pushed to send oil down the bar. The oil reservoir has a clear window so you can see when you need to add more oil to it.

14. Earthwise CS30016 16-Inch 12 amp Electric Chainsaw

Earthwise CS30016 16-inch electric chainsaw comes with a twelve amp motor that is powering a sixteen inch bar and chain. Homeowners that have this saw can cut firewood up, they can cut trees down, or they can do simple tree pruning jobs. It is an all around saw.

The oil reservoir has a clear pane window so you can check the amount of oil you have before you begin to work. You can also check while you are working to make certain that you do not run out of bar oil. Lubrication of the chain and bar are the life of a chainsaw. By checking how much oil you have in the reservoir before you begin to cut you can make certain that your saw last a lot longer. The saw has an automatic oiler so you do not even have to push a button to apply the lubrication. All you have to do is keep the oil reservoir filled.

The plastic chain cover will protect your chain so that it remains sharp. It will also protect you from injury. A chainsaw chain is very sharp and you can cut yourself by bumping into one of them. The plastic chain cover stops you from cutting yourself when you brush against the chain on accident.

Safety and user comfort features have been included in he ergonomic design of this piece of equipment. It is light to carry, and has a comfort grip handle to stop hand cramps, and accidental dropping of the saw.

15. Homelite 16-Inch 12 Amp Chainsaw with Automatic Oiler

If you have ever used a chainsaw before then you know that your hands can begin to cramp after a little bit, and your arm muscles can begin to protest at the weight you are carrying around. Homelite ZR43120 16 Inch 12 Amp electric chainsaw is designed with a wrap around handle that has a comfort grip feature.

The comfort grip helps to absorb the vibration of the saw and reduce the pains in your hands, and the wrap around design helps you to maintain control of the saw even when your have been working for hours and your arms are getting tired.

The automatic oiling feature on this chainsaw will help to prolong the life of the saw, and will help to insure that your toll works at its highest performance ability each time that you crank it. The bar and chain of a saw must be oiled adequately during each use or your saw could be damaged. This saw applies the oil automatically from a reservoir that you keep filled with bar oil. This reservoir has a clear window so you can tell when you need to add oil.

The twelve amp motor is plenty powerful enough to work the sixteen inch chain and bar on this saw. A sixteen inch bar will allow you to cut through just about everything the typical homeowner could want to cut. This is a great saw for tree pruning, and for using to cut best firewood for your personal use.

16. Makita 5012B 11 ¾-Inch 11.5 amp Electric ChainSaw

Makita 5012B commercial grade electric chainsaw is powerful enough to cut the wood you need cut. The motor is so powerful that it provides 5,500 FPM chain speed to make the job of cutting wood faster to do. All of this power is packaged in a saw that weighs nine and one half pounds.

A specialized sprocket has been designed into the end of the chain bar so the saw operates smoothly. There is a large hand protection guard that stops pieces of wood chips from flying over the top of the saw and striking you on the hand. Thos chips can hit hard enough to cause you to jerk your hand and when that happens you are in danger of letting the saw slip.

It has a built in overload protection feature. When the saw is working under a load this built in overload protection feature will automatically decrease the speed that the engine is turning at so the motor of the equipment is not damaged. It also has an automatic oiling feature to help you prolong the life of your equipment.

This piece of equipment has the strength to do the work it takes to have firewood for your fireplace and to prune all of your trees and shrubs. It is a commercial grade appliance that comes with a full one year warranty. It is designed to last for many years under normal homeowner use.

17. GreenWorks 20012 9 Amp 14-Inch Corded Chainsaw

GreenWorks 20012 9 Amp 14 Inch is an older version of the electric chainsaw but it is a powerhouse that has all of the great features that you want in this type of tool. It has the automatic oiler that keeps the chain and the bar oiled to perfection.

By keeping the bar and chain properly lubricated it is easier for the machine to do the work you ask it to do. Proper lubrication helps to prolong the life of the chain on your saw, and the life of your saw.

The design of the saw included a knob that makes tightening the chain easy to do. As you work the bar heats up and contracts in size so the chain starts to slip as it goes around the bar and this can cause the chain to be broken or you to be injured. The quick tension knob adjustment will eliminate the possibility of injury, or damages to your saw.

The fourteen inch Oregon chain and bar are capable of cutting logs for your fireplace or for trimming the branches from your trees. You will find that a fourteen inch bar is plenty big enough for the majority of tasks that you perform.

The saw weighs less than six pounds so just about everyone can comfortably carry it and do their work with it. It can be stored for months and will stick crank up easily when it is plugged in. All you have to do is check the oil and go to work.

Final Thoughts

An electric chainsaw is a convenience that every homeowner that has a yard should consider giving to themselves. These tools allow you to cut limbs from your trees and shrubs and keep your yard looking its very best, and they allow you to cut limbs that fall from the trees into sections you can burn in your fireplace.

The best thing about this type of electric equipment is that you can store them for long periods of time without draining gas tanks, or worrying about the gaskets on the gas tanks becoming dry-rotted. The electric versions simply store on a shelf until they are ready to be used again.

Hope this article will help you to choose the best electric chainsaw from the market.

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