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Robert writes electronics, tools and home improvement related articles. Robert lives in New York City and is tall for no reason. In real life, Robert is afraid of basements, bees, and going up stairs when it is dark behind her. Let’s face it...

Top 10 Best Chainsaw Brands

Both homeowners and professionals alike are often in need of a tool to cut wood such as trees or brush around properties. One of the best tools used for this purpose is the chainsaw. There are many chainsaw brands available in the marketplace, and they fall into certain categories.For those in need of a chainsaw, […]

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Best Gas Powered Pole Saw: Top 8

Whether you’re cleaning up after a powerful storm or managing a large hedge your job will be easier if you use a gas powered pole saw. More powerful and less cumbersome than corded electric pole saws, gas powered pole saws provide heavy-duty trimming and pruning in hard to reach places. When using a ladder is […]

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Stihl vs. Husqvarna

It’s like asking who’s the better NASCAR driver: Dale Earnhardt or Jimmie Johnson? Everyone’s going to have a different answer, and they’ll all have good reasons for the choice, but in the end, how do we know who’s right? As for the Stihl vs Husqvarna brands of chainsaws, both companies produce high-quality tools that are […]

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Best Small Chainsaw: Top 10

Are you a yardwork fanatic? Perhaps you enjoy doing outside work, such as removing shrubbery or small trees. Perhaps you have a small gardening project that requires trimming, pruning, or removing felled branches out of the area. Perhaps you live in a wooded area and would like to chop firewood for your fireplace. Or, in […]

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8 Of The Best Anti Vibration Gloves

Anti vibration gloves are extremely important for people who operate tools like electric chainsaws because they offer you a degree of protection that regular gloves do not. Finding the right pair of gloves can seem tricky because most models compromise on dexterity in favor of an extra layer or two of protection. However, some of […]

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Best Chainsaw Chain

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or an everyday professional, the chainsaw you use is only as good as its chain, which is why you need the best chainsaw chain available in your price range. Even if you have the most powerful chainsaw in the world, if you replace the chain with an inadequate model, you’ll […]

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