Anti vibration gloves are extremely important for people who operate tools like electric chainsaws because they offer you a degree of protection that regular gloves do not. Finding the right pair of gloves can seem tricky because most models compromise on dexterity in favor of an extra layer or two of protection. However, some of the best anti vibration gloves can offer you adequate safety without interfering with the flexibility of the material. In this article, we’ve curated a list of some such gloves and reviewed them thoroughly.

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Anti Vibration Gloves FAQ

First, let’s take a look at the answers to some of the many frequently asked questions about anti vibration chainsaw gloves.

1. What Are Anti Vibration Gloves?

These gloves are a type of personal protection equipment that are designed to minimize the impact of vibrations from tools like electric chainsaws, which pulsate quite intensely when in use. They also dampen the shock that is transmitted to the muscles and nerves from these vibrating tools.

2. Why Are They Necessary?

Anti vibration chainsaw gloves are not only necessary but are quite useful for people who operate machinery and tools that vibrate intensely. This is because they minimize the trauma that occurs to the muscles and nerves of the hands when they’re exposed to such frequent and constant vibrations. Some debilitating conditions that could develop include hand-arm vibration syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, and white finger syndrome. Anti vibration gloves ensure that users don’t develop these problems. Additionally, they also protect the user from cuts and punctures.

3. Why Is The Left Glove Generally Padded More?

Typically, the left glove is padded more than the right because it’s often the left hand that’s more susceptible to cuts and injuries. Of course, this design is based on the assumption that the user is right-handed. However, some manufacturers ensure that both the gloves in a pair are equally padded and offer the same level of protection, making them suitable for use by both left-handed and right-handed users.

4. Where Can You Buy The Best Anti Vibration Gloves?

You can purchase these gloves from a local departmental store or from a retail outlet that sells safety gear. Alternatively, if you prefer buying your gloves online, you could get them from marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, and Overstock. You can also purchase them from web stores that deal exclusively in gloves and other safety equipment or gear, like Gloves Online, Northern Safety, or Ergodyne.

How We Reviewed

person cutting the trunk using chainsaw

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To curate this list of the best anti vibration chainsaw gloves, we started off by performing extensive research and identifying the many different models of chainsaw safety gloves in the market. We also spoke to many professional workers and to various experts on safety gear. Our team then identified the eight best gloves that offer anti vibration protection. And with that done, we reviewed the selected models and arrived at a fair and unbiased verdict on what the best pair of gloves is.

Overall Price Range of the Best Anti Vibration Gloves

The price of the best anti vibration gloves typically varies from around $15 to around $40 per pair. The size of the gloves and the materials used in their construction influence their price. However, the cost isn’t quite the primary indication of the quality, as you can find many premium quality gloves priced quite reasonably. Nevertheless, it’s advisable to prioritize the safety over the price.

What We Reviewed

  • Husqvarna 579380209 Functional Saw Protection Gloves
  • Superior 385CS Lumberworks Chainsaw Glove
  • Handlandy Anti Vibration Gloves
  • Elvex CSGLV-LG Prolar
  • Echo 99988801601 Chainsaw Kevlar Reinforced Protective Gloves
  • Youngstown 05-3080-70-L General Utility Lined
  • OREGON Large Chainsaw Safety Gloves
  • Youngstown Glove 09-9083-10-L Titan XT Lined Gloves

Husqvarna 579380209 Functional Saw Protection Gloves

Husqvarna 579380209 Functional Saw Protection Gloves, Medium
  • Cut resistant in left hand
  • Spandex fabric back
  • Goatskin palm


This set of gloves from Husqvarna is specifically designed to offer protection during activities that involve the use of a chainsaw. They each feature a palm made from supple goatskin, which is more durable than cowhide. This material is also softer due to the presence of lanolin in the leather. Additionally, the gloves come with a back made from spandex fabric, which offers a higher degree of flexibility.

The glove for the left hand is also cut-resistant and includes more padding. Furthermore, these gloves come in a shade of orange that is vibrant and highly visible. Each piece features a reflective crown H logo on the back side. The overall design is not too bulky and offers the right levels of flexibility and protection without compromising on comfort.


  • Well-made and durable
  • Flexible enough for everyday jobs
  • Comfortably designed


  • Tends to run large
  • Gray palms tend to get dirty quickly

Superior 385CS Lumberworks Chainsaw Glove

Endura Hi-Viz Cut-Resistant Chainsaw Gloves- 385CS
  • Meets the EN 381:1999 Class 0 for chainsaw gloves
  • Water resistant, smooth, grain goatskin leather palms have built in anti-vibration reinforcement
  • Elasticized hook & loop wrists improve comfort and keep out debris


With elasticized wrists that are equipped with a Velcro closure system, these gloves are designed to offer protection while performing heavy-duty tasks like cutting and sawing. The gloves meet the EN 381:1999 class 0 standards for chainsaw safety clothing, which means that they offer resistance to cutting at 16 meters per second. The back of the glove for the left hand features an eight-layer lining of specific chain-arrest woven Kevlar, making it particularly cut-resistant.Each glove also comes with a palm made from goatskin leather and is fortified with anti-vibration reinforcement. The design is non-restrictive and offers a balanced mix of a good grip and adequate protection. The gloves are available in medium and large sizes.


  • Water-repellant palms
  • A vibrant and easily visible green color
  • Highly dexterous construction


  • Tend to run too large
  • May get warm with prolonged use

Handlandy Anti Vibration Gloves

Anti Vibration Gloves, SBR Padding, TPR Protector Impact Gloves, Men...
  • Anti Vibration Work Gloves: Synthetic palm with 5mm SBR inner padded patch on each fingers and palm, help alleviate the...
  • High Impact Work Gloves: Breathable knitting mesh back with 5mm Upgraded Thermo Plastic Rubber (TPR) protector, tough...
  • Impact mechanics gloves with adjustable wrist strap provides a secure fit to your wrist that allows for easy glove...


This pair of gloves from Handlandy is constructed using materials that offer a great degree of protection and minimize the vibration from heavy-duty machines like chainsaws, lawn mowers, and other power tools. Each glove features a back made from breathable knitting mesh and is reinforced with a 5mm layer of upgraded thermos plastic rubber. The palm region is equipped with a 5mm layer of SBR and includes a padded patch that extends into the finger regions. A reinforced saddle in the area between the thumb and the forefinger offers additional protection. Furthermore, an adjustable wrist strap ensures that the gloves fit snugly on your wrist, and facilitates easy removal. And lastly, the vibrant red of the gloves is easily recognizable.


  • EN ISO 10819:2013 certified
  • Durable and well-padded
  • Greatly reduce the impact of vibration


  • Thick and bulky design
  • Not breathable enough for use in summers

Elvex CSGLV-LG Prolar

Elvex CSGLV-LG Prolar Chainsaw Gloves - Large, Orange/Black
  • An absolute must for professionals in any field using chainsaws including construction, forestry and landscaping
  • Provides much needed protection in the event of a chain break
  • Has critical layers of Prolar protection where it's needed most - on the back of the left hand


Designed specifically for use by people who operate heavy machinery and power tools like chainsaws, or work in industries like construction, landscaping, and woodwork, this pair of gloves from Elvex comes in a mix of black and vibrant orange. The colors make it easy to spot the gloves among a mix of other tools and accessories. Additionally, the gloves are certified to meet the CE EN 388:4244 and CE EN 381-7, which are the world’s leading standards in safety clothing.These gloves have been classified as design B, class 1, which means that they offer cut-resistant protection at 20 meters per second. The back of the left-hand glove comes with Prolar protection that acts as a shield in case of a chain break. As for the sizes, these gloves can be purchased in large and extra-large sizes.


  • Lightweight and washable
  • Breathable gauntlet cuffs with Velcro closure
  • Fits true to size


  • The non-insulated design is unsuitable for cold weather
  • No medium-sized option

Echo 99988801601 Chainsaw Kevlar Reinforced Protective Gloves

Echo 99988801601 Chainsaw Kevlar Reinforced Protective Gloves - Large
  • Chain Saw Gloves (Large)
  • Features two layers of Kevlar on the back for cut resistance, foam pads on the palms for vibration reduction, goat skin...


This set of chainsaw gloves from Echo is ideal for both amateurs and professionals who tend to use saws for everyday projects. The front portions of the gloves are made from 100% goatskin leather that allows you to enforce a firm grip on the handle of the chainsaw. The fingertip and knuckle regions are reinforced to offer greater comfort and added durability.As for the backsides, they’re equipped with two layers of Kevlar that improve the cut resistance. The palms feature foam pads that reduce the impact of vibrations and minimize hand fatigue. The gloves use a Velcro closure system to snap shut around the wrist. This feature makes them adjustable and minimizes the possibility of slippage.


  • Kevlar protection on both hands
  • Snug and comfortable fit
  • Effective padding for reduced vibration
  • Durable and hard-wearing


  • Makes your hands warm with prolonged use

Youngstown 05-3080-70-L General Utility Lined

Youngstown Glove 05-3080-70-L General Utility Lined with KEVLAR Glove...
  • A cut resistant performance work glove that is completely lined throughout with Kevlar fiber by DuPont
  • Every inch of this glove (top, palm, side of fingers) is lined with DuPont Kevlar fiber for increased cut and puncture...
  • The outer glove is a heavy duty performance glove featuring non-slip reinforcement on the palm, fingers and thumb for...


This set of heavy-duty gloves from Youngstown is made from a carefully crafted blend of materials that includes 30% nylon, 25% polyester, 15% PVC, 10% polyurethane, 9% Kevlar, 8% cotton, 2% rubber, and 1% Velcro. What’s unique about these gloves is that they’re entirely lined with DuPont Kevlar fabric that offers a great degree of cut and puncture resistance.The top of the thumb has a soft terry cloth sewn on, so you can wipe away perspiration or debris from your face or your eyes. The top features a one-piece stretch nylon with padded protection for the knuckles. The non-slip palm side features a base layer of synthetic leather, and the cuff comes with an adjustable and supportive Velcro closure.


  • Available in sizes from small to triple extra-large
  • Level 3 rating on the ANSI/ISEA 105-2005 standard
  • Handles heat well
  • Overall protection for both hands


  • Minimized dexterity

OREGON Large Chainsaw Safety Gloves

Oregon 91305L Chainsaw Gloves, Size 10
  • Left-hand chainsaw protection
  • Shaped and reinforced palm
  • Exposed areas are seamless and reinforced with leather


Like most other chainsaw safety gloves, this pair also comes with palms that are reinforced using leather that minimizes the impact of high vibration and withstands tough and rugged use. The inclusion of leather also makes these gloves more durable without compromising on their dexterity. Another standard feature that this pair of gloves comes with is the extra layer of left-handed chainsaw protection.Additionally, the wrist region is designed to offer a close and snug fit that minimizes the chances of slippage. The gloves also come in a vibrant shade of orange that’s easy to spot in the field. On the whole, the overall design focuses on safety and comfort while using a chainsaw.


  • Snug wrist design keeps debris from getting in
  • True to size
  • Functional and protective design


  • Need to be broken in
  • No double-handed protection

Youngstown Glove 09-9083-10-L Titan XT Lined Gloves

Youngstown Glove 09-9083-10-XXXL Titan XT Lined Kevlar Glove,...
  • A heavy duty, high visibility and impact protective performance work glove that is also cut and puncture resistant.
  • Every inch of this glove (top, palm, side of fingers) is lined with DuPont Kevlar fiber for increased cut and puncture...
  • Thick TPR is strategically placed throughout the top of hand to prevent injury yet allows for easy finger movement and...


With a 5mm layer of EVA foam sewn into the palm to reduce impact and vibration, this pair of gloves from Youngstown is made from a mix of 24% nylon, 16% polyurethane, 13% PVC, 12% polyester, 10% rubber, 9% Neoprene, 8% Kevlar, 7% cotton, and 1% Velcro. The tops, palms, and the sides of the fingers are all lined with DuPont Kevlar fiber. This feature makes the gloves resistant to cuts and punctures.Additionally, the tops of the gloves are equipped with TPR, which prevents injuries and simultaneously ensures that you’re able to move your fingers easily. The lime green color coupled with the 3M Scotch lite accent on the knuckle regions ensures that the gloves are visible in low-light conditions as well.


  • Sufficient internal padding
  • Easy to break in
  • Comfortable and snug fit
  • Tough and durable design


  • May tend to run too large

The Verdict

beside the chainsaw is the best anti vibration gloves

Image by mikkooja1977 from Pixabay

Youngstown Glove Company is certainly one of the best manufacturers of anti vibration gloves, and their 09-9083-10 Titan XT lined gloves are one of the finest choices for people who operate heavy machinery like chainsaws. These gloves come in a range of sizes, right from small up to triple extra-large. They’re also easy to break into, and quickly adapt to your specific movements. Another good choice is the 05-3080-70-L general utility lined pair of gloves, which is also from Youngstown. Both these sets are perfect for people who are looking for a pair of anti vibration gloves that are tough, yet comfortable.

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