About Me

I am the kind of person that loves to be outside doing things. I like cutting my own firewood, and I like the feeling of accomplishment I have when I look at the neatly stacked pieces of stove wood waiting to keep me warm in the winter months. I like that burning stove wood means that my electric bills stay lower and I do not have to rely on the gas company to be able to get their huge trucks out to my remote cabin when the roads are wet and icy.

I created chainsawsharpenerreview.com after talking to many friends and people at the local hardware stores and found out that the majority of people are confused about electric chainsaw sharpeners, and how they operate, and what they cost, and where to find them. I realized that my independent nature had provided me with a wealth of knowledge, and an insight to things that other people would find useful, amusing, or otherwise enjoyable.

The Mission Statement of chainsawsharpenerreview.com

It is not the intention of chainsawsharpenerreview.com to purposely promote one brand of chainsaw sharpener over another brand of chainsaw sharpener. Our goal is to effectively evaluate each chainsaw sharpener on its own merits and compare it honestly to other chainsaw sharpeners of the same type. In that respect we feel that we will be able to give people an honest opinion of which of the sharpeners works most efficiently.

The Goal of chainsawsharpenerreview.com

At chainsawsharpenerreview.com it is our goal to only provide our readers with factual information. When something is written about a chainsaw sharpener and we cannot back that with factual evidence we do fully intend to state that the information is an opinion not a fact.

At no time do we want our readers to be led to purchase, or to not purchase, an item based on what was written on our pages unless the reader was fully aware of what details about the chainsaw sharpener were provable facts and what details were speculation, theory, or personal opinions.

Share the Wealth

We do believe that personal opinion and personal experiences are valuable for providing insight and information to us, and to our readers. I readily share my personal opinions, and my favorite feature of each chainsaw sharpener that I review. I would also welcome my readers to share their experiences, their trials, their pitfalls, and their opinions with me and with other readers by commenting on our web pages.

What you have to say about a chainsaw sharpener may be critically important to another viewer. If you feel strongly about one product being the best, or the worst, in this category I would encourage you to tell us what you think, and please go into detailing explaining why you have that opinion. An opinion carries a lot more weight if you can explain the reason why you formed it to the people hearing it.

We do ask that when you leave comment you try to be respectful to the other readers and avoid using offensive language, terms, or derogatory remarks about another person’s race, religion, gender, or sexual preferences. We intend for this site to be family friendly so remember that when you are speaking.

My mother always told me you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar and I have found out that she was right. When you speak to others respectively you will find that they ar3e more willing to listen to what you say, and they do not get feelings hurt, or angry. So place nice while you are hear, please.

Email Us

Email chainsawsharpenerreview.com privately if you have comments you would like to make but would not like to share with other readers. I will welcome your emails and your comments. I do not get all torn up about criticism so if you find something that you feel is wrong on the pages of chainsawsharpenerreview.com please write me and let me know about it. This web site will help a lot more people if everyone is honest and shares what they know to be true.


I hope that we have covered all of the questions you might have concerning our pages here. If you have questions about the electric chainsaw sharpeners please check out our page of frequently asked questions, or email us the question so we can try to find you the answer.