WORX WG304.1 18 Inch Chain Saw 4 HP 15.0 Amp Review

This is an electric 18 inch chain saw not the typical gas version that usually attracts my attention. I included it in my chainsaw reviews because it is a powerful little tool that I rely on frequently.

chain saw 18 inch 4 hp 15 amp

Features I Loved About This 18 Inch Chain Saw

When you purchase an item like this electric powered chainsaw you may not realize which of the features are going to make you fall in love with the saw, and which features are not going to impress you that much. The following features are the ones on this saw that I have learned to love.

The Tension Adjuster

I must say that there is a patent pending on this one of a kind tension adjuster. The knob that helps you to regulate the tension is a large one that does not require you to have any tools in order to turn it. If you are standing on a ladder, or up in a tree, and your chain starts to get slack in it because the bar is starting to heat up, then you simply turn the big knob using your free hand. It really is that easy to adjust.

18 inch chain saw

Emission Free

I do not like polluting the air any more than I have to. We already have enough emissions going into our air from all of the gas powered tools, and vehicles we use each day. I love using this saw whenever I can because there are no emissions harming the atmosphere, and I do not have to smell the fuel fumes while I work.

Light Weight

When I bought this 18 Inch Chain Saw I did not realize just how light it would be. I am a saw owner, but my other saw is a gas chainsaw with a twenty four inch bar and chain. Needless to say it is heavy and you never want to hold it with extended arms, so I was leery of this piece of equipment.

chain saw 18 inch 4 hp

When it arrived and I took it out of the box it seemed so light that I was afraid that it could not possibly do the work I needed done. I took it out on that first day and started trimming some limbs from the big red oak tree beside my house and I was amazed. That light saw was cutting through those red oak limbs like a hot knife cuts through butter. The muscles in my arms were not quivering from holding up the weight of the saw, and when the chore was done I was not exhausted.


  • The tensioning and chain tightening system
  • Built in chain brake
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Two year warranty
  • Light weight
  • Emission free
  • No mixed gas required
  • Automatic oil feature
  • Oil reservoir has a clear pane so you can judge how much oil is in it


  • You need to buy an extension cord to power your saw

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Final Thoughts

The electric chainsaws are perfect little powerhouses that can help you keep the limbs trimmed in your yard, or help you clean up debris after a storm. The drawback to these tools is that you do need an extension cord so you can use the saw where you want to use it. Gas chainsaws are more mobile so when people have large pieces of property. Any property that is two acres or more would be better served by a gas powered chainsaw.

A lot of people do not realize that even though the tool is electric you will still need to put lubrication on the bar and chain for it to not over heat and so that they will function properly. You will find that most of these saws have an oil reservoir with a clear panel that allows you to see how much oil you need to add.

This is an electric chainsaw, but you still need to remember that it is a saw it has sharp teeth, and it can cut you, so you barely need any chainsaw sharpener. Wear safety glasses when you are using this piece of equipment. The electric  chain saws are cutting through wood just like their gas powered cousins and the same dangers of debris flying in your eye, you being cut, and the possibility of getting oil in your eye, exists with the electric versions. Wear protective goggles.

​If you re trimming limbs that hang above your head then wear a hard hat. You should have on closed toe shoes, long pants, and most experts suggest long sleeves on your shirts and gloves for your hands. Just remember to be safe while you are working.

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