Roughneck Bench or Wall-Mounted Chain Saw Sharpener

The Roughneck electric chainsaw sharpener is one of the finest Wall Mounted Chain Saw Sharpener on the market today. This tool allows you to sharpen your chains back to the factory specifications so your saw will work like it did the first time you used it. Roughneck Bench or Wall Mounted Chain Saw Sharpener A saw should cut through a log with ease. You should not have to force it into the wood or push and pull on it to get it to do the job. A chain with properly sharpened teeth will insure that your saw can work effortlessly.

What I Love about this Wall-Mounted Chain Saw Sharpener

There are tons of reasons to love this particularly electric chain saw sharpener, but my favorite or the following ones.

The Large Handle

The large handle on this electric chainsaw sharpener insures that you have total control over the chain without your hand slipping. Some automatic chainsaw sharpeners have small handles, and small knobs that you have a hard time holding. Roughneck Bench- or Wall-Mounted Chain Saw Sharpener

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Protective Shield

The protective shield helps to insure my safety and the safety of other people who may be in my workshop when I am using my chainsaw blade sharpener. I like knowing that there is an extra measure of protection built into the tool that I am using. When a manufacturer takes the time to improve the safety of the possible operators of their equipment then I know that I am dealing with a company that I approve of.

The Built In Light

I must be getting old because it is harder for me to see these days, and when you are using an electric chainsaw sharpener you need to be able to see every detail of what you are doing so you get the angles on your chain teeth just right. The fifteen watt built-in light improves my ability to see what I am doing so I make fewer mistakes. Visibility is not just an improvement for us old folks, younger users will benefit from being able to see better as well.


  • Quiet when operating
  • Sharpens chains fast
  • Comes with three grinding wheels of varying sizes so you can sharpen almost any chain with it
  • Large handle gives you better control
  • Can be mounted on a bench or on the wall
  • 60HZ motor with 3580RPM
  • Built in 15w light for visibility


  • The pictures in the instruction manual are dark and hard to make out.
  • The written instructions are not clear.
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Final Thoughts

In my personal opinion the chainsaw sharpener is the one that will sharpen the chains you use, is affordable to you, and is user friendly. It does no good for you to buy an electric chainsaw sharpener that is so difficult to use that you stop trying and return to using a hand file on your chains. I suggest you take an old chain that you no longer use and practice on it the first time you use your machine. After that you should be familiar enough with the way the device works to sharpen your best chain with complete confidence.

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