Poulan Pro 42 CC 18 Inch Assembled Chainsaw With Case | Expert Review

When I see a chainsaw or Assembled Chainsaw with Case I always wonder if it does anything different that all of the other saws. I am curious as to why one saw is considered to be a better saw by some people. I was born curious and I have simply gotten more curious as I have grown older.

Assembled Chainsaw With Case

In the electric and gas chainsaw reviews, I found that there were a lot of saws that had amazing features that I did not know even existed. I recommend that you read those reviews, and the short descriptions they included.​

Things I Love About This Assembled Chainsaw With Case

When choosing a chainsaw you have to consider the type of cutting you will need to do, and your experience in operating this type of equipment. The following features are ones that I think will help you to choose this saw.

Comes with Accessories

I love accessories and in the case of chainsaw accessories I really consider most of them to be necessities. This Poulan comes with a hard case to protect the saw when it is being transported or being stored. Other gas chainsaw manufacturers sell their hard carry cases for their saws for about forty nine dollars each, but this saw comes with the carry case at no extra charge.

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The manufacturer has included an extra chain and a file that fits that chain as part of the package. Most other chainsaw manufacturers give you a chain for the saw, but they rarely give you a spare chain, and a chain to keep your chains perfectly sharp.

If those accessories did not blow you mind then the gloves that the manufacturer has included to help you protect your hands. It is extremely rare for a manufacturer to think about your personal safety and provide you with such equipment.​

Automatic Oiler

The traditional gas chainsaw had a pump button close to the handle. You filled the oil reservoir with oil and then periodically you depressed the button with your thumb. That meant that you were holding the saw with the four fingers on that hand. When you were holding the saw in this manner you did not have as good control as you have when you can use your thumb to help you hold the saw.

If you got very busy you might forget to depress the oil button and that meant your bar and chain could overheat. The lubrication is required to keep your bar and chain from burning up and having to be replaced.​

Anti Vibration Handle

An anti vibration handle makes your work easier and makes you enjoy using your equipment more. When you are using a chainsaw you are going to experience a large amount of hand and forearm fatigue. These handles work like the shock absorbers on your car. They take the brunt of the vibrations caused during normal use and they make you feel more comfortable while you are working, and after you have finished working.

​The anti vibration handle protects you from fatigue and they also protect the saw. The screws in the saw can actually be loosened to the point that they fall out of the saw because of the vibrations. The anti vibration reduces the shimmying and shaking and keeps the screws in place.


  • Carry case included
  • Clear view on the oil reservoir so you can see how much oil you have
  • Automatic oile
  • rSuper clean air filtration system
  • Anti vibration handle
  • Two year warranty
  • Affordably priced
  • Effortless pull starting system
  • Extra chain included
  • Gloves included
  • Lightweight
  • Saw file included
  • Eighteen inch bar


  • Does not split or stack the wood for you

Final Thoughts

I find that this saw is suitable for the novice saw user and for an experienced tree trimmer. I like that the Poulan gas chainsaw is very easy to operate.

The saw weighs a little more than eleven pounds and the only way you are going to get a lighter piece of equipment that will do the same work is for you to buy an electric chainsaw.

You do need to purchase protective eyewear to use when you are operating this tool. This is especially true if you are cutting limbs that are over your head because wood chips and sawdust can fall into your eyes.

Read your owner’s manual completely and make sure you understand how all of the safety features work before you begin to operate the saw.​

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