Oregon Cordless 40V CS300-A6 Chain Saw with 4.0 Ah Battery and Charger

If you are in a market searching for a quality and sturdy battery chainsaw, then Oregon CS300 should be on your top list. It is the newest model on the market that replaced CS250. It features a power saving energy by up to 40% as compared to CS300.


This therefore means that Oregon CS300 will save you time and resources as you will be able to cut several trees on just a single charge. Another amazing feature of the chainsaw is its power sharp property. This implies that the chain is able to sharpen itself, which not only improves the performance of the chainsaw, but also ensures it stays sharp all the time, hence ready for use.


You simply need to pull the lever for about 5 seconds and move a dull to sharp cutting edge. There is no need of wasting your energy on a dull chain again! It features high power and performance as it is equipped with 16" chain and bar.

The chainsaw is powered by the 2Ah Lithium-ion battery that is long lasting. After being charged, the battery can hold a charge for up to 1 month. While using the chainsaw, you would not experience fade power as the battery supplies power continuously at the same rate till it runs down.

Oregon Cordless 40V CS300 Chainsaw

Once the battery is fully charged, you just insert them into the chainsaw, pull the trigger and get started. No need to pull cords, warm up the chainsaw before using neither is there a need of mixing oil! As compared to Oregon CS250, the newly introduced Oregon CS300 has a self- sharpening mechanism.

It is incorporated with a power sharp system in which the chain can automatically sharpen itself. This chainsaw prides itself as having 4 times reduced noise as compared to gas powered chainsaw. This creates a perfect working condition for both the users and any noise sensitive property around.

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Features of Oregon Cordless 40V CS300 Chainsaw

  • Tool-free tensioning: this helps in the adjustments of the bar and chain. The chain usually loosens up when using the chainsaw; hence it is advisable to frequently tighten the chain for smooth and efficient cuts. You simply turn the red knob by using your hand to adjust the chain and bar.
  • Power sharp system: the chainsaw is equipped with an instant sharping system in which the saw is sharpened while out cutting converting it from a dull to a sharp saw for high performance.
  • Brushless motor: as opposed to some of the cordless which has brushes on their motor, Oregon CS300 Chainsaw on the other hand is fitted with brushless motor to enhance high performance of the chainsaw as well increase the torque by 30%. The vibration and noise is also reduced by 70% due to the use of the brushless motor.
  • Run time: on average, the chainsaw cuts about 400 branches of 3 inches in diameter on a single charge.
  • Weight: Oregon CS300 Chainsaw weighs 12 lbs which also combines the weight of the battery.
  • 16” guide bar: this allows for efficient clearing of your yard as well as cutting mid-sized trees.
  • 4Ah battery and charger: the Oregon CS300 Chainsaw comes with the battery as well as the charger when ordered. It takes about 45 minutes for the battery to be fully charged, after which you can use it continuously for about 2 hours. The battery provides consistent power without fading.
  • Measurement: the chainsaw measures 12.13” X 11.13” X 16”.

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  • Features an instant start; you simply pull the trigger and start cutting.
  • The battery has a long life time and only takes less than one hour to be fully charged.
  • It has the power sharp system which allows the user to sharpen the saw on-site to make it sharp for fast and efficient cutting.
  • The battery is capable of holding the charge for about one month.
  • There is no noise or emission produced. The tiresome work of mixing fuel and oil to power the chainsaw is also eliminated while using this chainsaw.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can the charger work with 240V?
Absolutely! The package indicates that it can work with 120-240V.

Q: What is the battery life while using the chainsaw steadily?
On a continuous use, the battery takes an average of 2 hours to get depleted. Additionally, the charge time is only 45 minutes.

Q: Does it come with a battery?
The chainsaw comes as a complete package: the battery and the charger are included as part of the purchase.


The Oregon CS300 Chainsaw is recommended for commercial landscaper, professional arborist or simply, a concerned hardworking homeowner who strives to keep the compound clear of bushes or trees. It provides a clean environment to work in as it is not associated with fumes. It is also associated with a quiet working condition as it uses the brushless motor. It has a long lasting battery which takes just 45 minutes to be fully charged.

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