Husqvarna 967166101 450 2-Cycle Fully Assembled Gas Chainsaw

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Fully Assembled Gas Chainsaw

When you buy this Husqvarna Chainsaw with a twenty inch bar, you are buying a saw that will be able to cut through the majority of tree trunks. That a homeowner will want to cut down on their own. If a twenty inch bar is too small to cut through the trunk of the tree you want to fell then you need to get some expert help before you remove the tree.

This gas saw has the power and agility to do any work that a home owner might want done.

Features I Love About This Fully Assembled Gas Chainsaw

When I buy an item I use it for a few weeks before I determine which of the features the product has that I love. After using this Husqvarna gas powered chain saw I decided the following features were my favorite ones, but the other features were all useful as well.

Comes Fully Assembled

I hate to get a new tool and then have to spend hours trying to read a manual and figure out how to assemble the tool before I can put it to use. When I saw that this gas chainsaw for sale came as a fully assembled item I had to include it in my chainsaw reviews.

Low Fuel Consumption

You will use about twenty percent less fuel when you operate this fully assembled gas chainsaw because it has the X Torq engine feature. This is a Husqvarna feature that allows your equipment to be more fuel efficient and produce fewer emissions. I love any feature that saves me money, and saves the environment from extra pollution.

2-Cycle Fully Assembled Gas Chainsaw

Side Mounted Chain Tension Control

The side mounted chain tension control makes it very easy to keep the perfect tension on your chain. A chain that is tool loose is will snag and catch on debris, bark, and other things and stop you from working until the debris is removed.

A too loose chain will clatter and will be more apt to break when you are using it than a chain that is fitting snugly around the bar. As the bar heats up the chain becomes loose so you might start out with a chain that is perfectly tightened and after you work for a short period of time your chain may steadily become loose.

You can easily tighten the chain with one hand while you are using the machine. The ease of tightening a chain in this matter decreases the odds that you will over tighten your saw chain.

A chain that is too tight reduces the amount of power that your saw possesses and it increases the chances that the chain will be broken during operation.

Special Warranty Extension

The warranty extension offered by the manufacturer will lengthen your warranty by twice the number of years. You will get a two year warranty from the manufacturer when you buy the chainsaw, but if you also buy three of the thirty two ounce cans of pre-mixed fuel and register the purchase online your warranty will be doubled and you will get a four year warranty on your chainsaw.


  • Comes fully assembled with 2 year Warranty.
  • Special warranty extension with the purchase of three thirty two ounce cans of pre-mixed fuel and complete your online registration
  • Automatic oiler
  • Clear panel on oil reservoir
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Combined choke/start control
  • 20 inch bar
  • Auto return stop switch
  • Side mounted chain tension adjustment
  • Reduced emissions
  • X-Torq engine
  • Smart start fuel pump for easy starting


  • Does not come with a carry case

Final Thoughts

When you use a gas chainsaw, or an electric chainsaw you need to make sure that you have a sharp chain ( For sharp chain you may need the best chainsaw sharpener  ) to work with, and you must keep the chain at the proper tension. A sharp chin increases the amount of time that you can work before you have to clean or replace the air filter on the saw. When the chain is dull it creates saw dust that is of a different consistency than it will create when the chain is sharp. The sawdust the saw produces when the chain is dull will quickly clog the air filter and cause you to have to clean the filter or the saw will not be able to run. The air filter is an important part of saw maintenance, and the more time that you can use the equipment without cleaning the air filter the more work you will get done.

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