Husqvarna 455 Rancher 20 Inch 55-1/2cc 2 Stroke Gas Powered Chainsaw

I like to have a 2 Stroke Gas Powered Chainsaw handy at my home. I have a large yard that has a lot of trees, and I use firewood to supplement the heat in my home in the winter months. Having my own saw allows me to cut my own firewood, and when those unexpected storms send limbs crashing from my trees I am prepared to do the clean-up that is needed.

2 stroke gas powered chain saw

​This gas  powered chainsaw is so light I even use it as a limb trimming saw. I rarely bring out my electric chainsaw that I bought for limb trimming. I leave that for my wife to use on her shrubs that she likes to trim and I get the Rancher out. I like the power that this saw has.

Features Of This 2 Stroke Gas Powered Chain Saw

The Husqvarna 455 Rancher is a delight to own, and a delight to operate. It is loaded with features that make it easy to start, easy to maintain, and easy to handle. It is reasonably priced and backed by the Husqvarna name and reputation. It also has the following features that I found amazing.

X-Torq Technology

X Torq technology is a Husqvarna innovation that saves fuel for the gas chainsaw operator. Because of the X Torq technology this saw will use around twenty percent less fuel than other saws of comparable size and engine strength.

​This technology does not only save you fuel, it saves the environment because the engines that have the Husqvarna X Torq technology emit seventy five percent fewer harmful vapors, odors, or burned gases. Seventy five percent is a large reduction in emissions.

​This technology uses two flushing ducts instead of the traditional one. The two ducts leave one for the fuel to travel through and one for the air to travel through. Clean air is used to push out all of the burned gases and then a combination of clean air and fuel rushes in.

​I like anything that makes the tool I use better for the world I live in. I also like that the reduced fuel consumption will save me money, and this new technology will allow this engine to last longer, and that gives me more value for the money I have spent. I LOVE that.


This Husqvarna chainsaw weighs less than thirteen pounds. If you have ever operated a chainsaw before you know how quickly your arms can become tired, but using this saw allows you to work longer with less stress because it is about eight pounds lighter than the majority of saws of comparable size.

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Centrifugal Air Cleaning System

The centrifugal air cleaning system that Husqvarna included has made this saw become listed in the top ten of many gas chainsaw reviews. This air cleaning system filters out a lot more of the debris, dirt, and things, that clog up the filters on these types of machines.

​You have to keep the air filters on chainsaws clean because they have to breathe in order to work properly. The centrifugal air cleaning system allows the filter to trap more debris, and allows you to clean the filters with ease.

CARB Compliant

The California air resource board finds this piece of equipment to meet or exceed all of the standards they have established for machinery that burns fuels like chainsaws, weed eaters and such. These regulations are strenuous, but they have been put into place to help us have cleaner air to breathe. I always try to look for tools that say they are compliant with the guidelines laid out by the California Air Resource Board.


  • Fuel efficient due to the x-torq technology
  • Reduced emission production by as much as seventy five percent
  • Centrifugal air cleaning system
  • CARB compliant
  • Automatic oiling system
  • Clear panel on the oil chamber that allows you to see how much oil to add
  • Easy to reach tension adjustment
  • Lightweight and Easy to start.


  • Does not come with a carry case
  • Will not stack the wood for you

Final Verdict

If you are reading chainsaw reviews then you are already serious about finding a chainsaw for sale, and you are hunting the right one that will do everything you need it to do. Our article on the best gas and best battery powered chainsaws has shorter descriptions on the gas chainsaws so you can see which devices you might want to consider.

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