Husqvarna 460 24-Inch Rancher Chain Saw 60CC

A gas chainsaw that has a 24-inch bar is a serious chainsaw. Specially 24 Inch Rancher Chainsaw from Husqvarna. It’s made more for cutting down trees and cutting log sections into small pieces. Small enough to fit into your fireplace than it is for trimming he limbs from trees. This is not a little electric chainsaw. It has plenty of power and torque.

Husqvarna 460 24-Inch Rancher Chain Saw

A twenty four inch bar turns this saw into a serious piece of equipment. The majority of home owners do not have the training to operate a 24 Inch Rancher Chain Saw, but for those people who have used chainsaws before this saw is large enough to take down any tree you have, and it has the power to cut up cord wood without ever bogging down.

Features I Love About This 24 Inch Rancher Chain Saw

I love this chainsaw for a multitude of reasons, but the following reasons stood out to me more vividly than any of the others.

Side mounted chain tension

Side mounted chain tension is a feature that will allow you to keep the proper tension on the chain. Chain tension has to be kept perfect. When the tension on the chain is lax the chain gets loose and will break easily. When the chain is kept too tight it can be easily broken. A loose change will not cut properly and a tight chain cannot cut properly.

You have to have your chain under the proper amount of tension in order for it to cut properly and function safely. A tight chain can easily break and the end of the chain can hit you in the hand, forearm, or face, causing bodily injuries that can be severe.

Air purge smart start

The air purge smart start feature will eliminate the possibility of an air bubble stopping the proper amount of fuel from traveling through the fuel line, into the fuel filter, and into the carburetor of the machine.

You will not have a difficult time starting the equipment so you will not be tired before you actually start to work. With some of the older model chainsaws that did not have the quick start feature people could get tired just trying to crank their equipment and some people would simply give up before their saw is ever cranked.

Adjustable bar lubrication

A lot of gas chainsaws now come with an automatic lubrication feature. The automatic lubrication saves the saw operator from having to stop and pour the bar and chain oil onto the bar from a gallon jug of oil. Some people even use vegetable or canola oil to lubricate the bar and chain of their saw, but properly prepared bar and chain oil is best for your equipment.

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This saw does have an automatic lubrication system but it also has a feature that allows you to control how much oil will come out of the oil reservoir each time and how frequently the oil will be dispersed from the oil reservoir.

The oil reservoir has a clear panel so you can see how much oil is in it, and all you have to do is keep that reservoir filled with oil in order for your saw to work properly. The proper amount of oil helps to stop your saw from overheating and helps the chain to be able to cut through the wood.


  • Two cycle engine
  • 24 inch bar
  • Side mounted chain tensioner
  • Air purge smart start feature
  • Low vibration
  • Inertia activated chain brake
  • Lightweight
  • Three piece crankshaft
  • Adjustable bar lubrication


  • Some assembly required

Final Insight

Having a chainsaw in your arsenal of tools will mean that you have the power to keep your yard looking professionally trimmed, and you have the power to remove any trees you want. You will have the saw that you need to provide firewood or wood for grilling.

This saw is not meant to be placed in the hands of a novice chainsaw operator. A novice will not be able to handle the power that this piece of equipment has. This saw is for the homeowner that has owned a saw before, and needs to have the ability to cut a large amount of wood. It will allow you to keep your cord wood cut for your heating needs, and if you cut wood for other people this saw can handle the job.

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