Factory Reconditioned Homelite Chain Saw | 14 Inch

Homelite has been manufacturing home owner chainsaws, both gas and electric. They are known for their quality products that are built to last for many years. I believe that one reasons I chose this Homelite Chain Saw for my electric chainsaw reviews was because it is manufactured by this famous company.

Homelite Chain Saw

Things I Love About this Homelite Chain Saw

I like power tools. I love to read the electric and gas chainsaw reviews to see what new features that power tools like this one now have. I like to try new features and see if the feature is as time saving, or as money saving, as the manufacturer says they are. The following features sold me on this saw.

Clear Pane Oil View Window

Knowing how much oil you have in the reservoir will prevent messy spills. Knowing how much oil is in the reservoir will prevent you from starting a job, then having to stop and go find the oil and fill the reservoir. At a glance you can look through the clear pane and see how much oil you need to add. Your bar and chain will stay lubricated and you will have a saw that works longer, and stays cleaner.

Tighten Chain without a Wrench

You have the ability to tighten the chain on your saw without using a wrench, or a screwdriver, or a pair of pliers. You can tighten the chin up by simply turning a conveniently located knob on the side close to the housing. If you are standing on a ladder you can hold the saw with one hand and tighten the chain back up with the other hand without ever climbing down from the ladder. If you have climbed into the tree to prune the limbs you can stay in the tree and tighten the chain.

A tight chain is safer to operate and it is also better at cutting through wood. You will be able to cut faster, and make cleaner cuts, if you keep the tension on the chain properly adjusted.

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Fourteen Inch Bar

A fourteen inch bar is big enough that most home owners can cut any limbs, or logs, that they need to cut. If you get a bigger bar on a chainsaw then you have to get a heavier chainsaw and a more expensive appliance. For an electric saw a fourteen inch bar is the perfect size.

Automatic Oiler

The automatic oiler on this chainsaw will save you from warping your bar because you do not have the proper amount of oil on it. The automatic oiler is a safety feature and a convenience. You can burn a saw up if you do not keep the chain and bar oiled properly. The automatic oiler knows when the bar needs more lubrication and it sends the oil to the bar so you do not have to think about the oil while you work.

Light Weight

This electric chainsaw weighs only eight pounds. You can use it all day to prune your trees and your arms will not be stressed or fatigued because of your usage. Small women can operate and handle the weight of this saw. I love the light weight because you can climb on a ladder and hold the saw in one hand while you hold onto the tree with your other hand. The saw does not burden you or weigh you down.


  • Nine-amp motor
  • Fourteen inch bar
  • Safe-T-Tip chain that reduces kick-back
  • Tighten chain with no tools
  • Clear pane window to allow you to view oil level
  • Automatic oiler
  • Light weight


  • Some assembly required
  • Does not come with oil

Final Verdicts

One of the main reasons why homeowners do not buy chainsaws is because they are afraid that they will not be able to operate them and that they will be injured if they try. The new saws are so full of safety features that it is very hard to be seriously injured by them. If you follow the manufacturer use instructions, and you use the proper safety equipment, then you will not have to worry about unfortunate incidences occurring.

You should store you saw in a carry case so that you do not injure the saw, and you should always wear safety goggles when you are operating a saw. I also suggest that you wear gloves and long sleeve shirts when you are using this type of equipment.

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