GreenWorks 20262 G MAX 40V 12 Inch Cordless Chainsaw

This battery powered chainsaw is specifically designed to cut through items efficiently and effectively. It is fitted with a 2Ah battery and a charger. Unlike other complicated chainsaws with additional tools used for adjustments, GreenWorks 20262 contains a less complicated adjustment knob to facilitate quick chain tensioning.

GreenWorks 20262 G MAX 40V 12 Inch Cordless Chainsaw

As usual, most chains are affected by problems brought about by frictional forces. To ensure that the system is harmoniously developed, the chain is fitted with an automatic oil applier to keep a consistent and desirable application of oil throughout the cutting process.

We put much emphasis on oil because it is what contributes to the equipment’s durability. All users are requested to keep an eye on oil consumption, to ensure that the refilling is done frequently. Moreover, the oil tank is translucent for clear vision of the oil level in the tank.

Compared to other equipment of the same functions, GreenWorks 20262 is typically the most recommended. Its lightweight feature makes it exceedingly good for use. It only weighs 6lbs. Remember, all the other chainsaws are heavier; BLACK+DECKER LCS 1240 weighs about 10lbs, and GreenWorks 20322 weighs 11.6lbs.

Therefore, if you truly need efficient equipment that doesn’t demand much of your elbow-grease, then GreenWorks 20262 is the best option. Despite its relatively small weight, GreenWorks 20262 contains a perfectly long steel bar and chain (12 inches), for easy and quick cutting progression.

This equipment cannot work without a battery. It is fitted with a removable and replaceable battery. A charger is also included in the whole package. Therefore, don’t accept taking it, if the charger is not included. You’ll be grateful to discover that the battery used in GreenWorks 20262 has exact compatibility with both G-MAX 29462, and 29472. That simply means you’ll rarely struggle trying to get a replacement, in case the uncertainty occurs.

Features Of This GreenWorks 20262 G MAX 40V 12 Inch Cordless Chainsaw

  • Contains a 2Ah battery and a charger. The battery in this equipment is distinctively designed to store power for precisely long. Its charger is also well shaped to ensure easy connection and disconnection.
  • Fitted with an adjustment knob for easy and quick chain tensioning.
  • Has an automatic oil applier to ensure the smooth and efficient functioning. Furthermore, the oil container incorporated is translucent to enhance visibility and detection of reduced oil levels.Weighs about 6lbs. Compared to other chainsaws, GreenWorks is not that heavy. In fact, we can even mention that it is the lightest. This is to ensure that the entire cutting process is accomplished with less or no difficulty at all.
  • The steel bar in GreenWorks 20262 is about 12 inches long. Again, unlike other similar equipment, GreenWorks presents itself beautifully. A longer cutting edge makes it easier to accomplish numerous tasks within a short period of time.
  • Has a shipping weight of about 12.2 pounds.
  • The equipment is originally created and designed in China. The companies responsible are committed towards ensuring that their equipment is the best among many other similar machines released in the market.
  • The saw uses Lithium ion battery which comes with a charger. This allows for longer life, greater efficiency and minimized noise. The chainsaw is compatible with 40V Li-Ion system that has a variety of tools to choose from.

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  • You no longer have to mix fuel and oil again to power chainsaw as the GreenWorks 20262 is cordless.
  • The battery takes just 45 minutes to charge and the chainsaw is back and running again.
  • It is lightweight, hence it is easy to handle.
  • Always ready to work, you just have to insert the batteries and push the trigger.
  • It has reduced maintenance cost owing from the fact it uses brushless motor and is cordless.
  • It can be conveniently maintained without using tools. You only need to adjust the knob using your hand in order to tighten the chain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take for the battery to be fully charged?
I am using the 4Ah and it takes the battery about one hour of continuous use to run out. If you are using the chain intermittently, it will take longer than one hour for the battery to run low.

Q: Can the chainsaw be used in cutting eucalyptus firewood?
Yes. The GreenWorks 20262 is exceptionally designed and built to cut firewood, clearing bushes, pruning and cutting mid- size trees. It is lightweight, hence easy to handle.


The chainsaw has exemplary performance and is perfect for homeowners who are in need of occasional clearing tools. It is equipped with first class features and is light weight, hence easy to handle. It is incorporated with brushless motor which not only improves the efficiency of the chainsaw, but also ensures the safety of the user.

You do not need special expertise to use this chainsaw as it is simple and safe to use. The GreenWorks 20262 allows you to quietly clear your yard or cut down trees without making noise the neighborhood.

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