Electric Chainsaw Chain Grinder Sharpener With Extra Grinding Wheels

The best chainsaw sharpener reviews include Chainsaw Chain Grinder from all price ranges, that are powered by different sources, and that are user friendly so beginners feel comfortable using them. This automatic chainsaw sharpener meets all of those criteria and then some.

chainsaw chain grinder

You will find that this tool is one of the finest chainsaw sharpeners on the market today. It is precision crafted from high quality materials, and it still remains to be affordable for most budgets.

It can be used to sharpen a wide variety of chain sizes and can even be used to sharpen other objects like knives, machetes, and gardening tools. This tool will make life at your home easier.​

Things I Love About This Chainsaw Chain Grinder

There are always a few outstanding features on every product that you buy. I judge the outstanding features of products by how useful they are to me, and I am sure most other people judge them in the same manner. When I reviewed this electric chainsaw sharpener the most outstanding features about it in my opinion were the following.

electric chainsaw chain grinder

Cast Aluminum Construction

Cast aluminum is a high quality material that is long lasting, durable, dependable, and lighter than many other metal options. The fact that this chainsaw sharpener is cast aluminum makes me believe that the tool will last longer than many of the other chainsaw sharpeners that are crafted from materials of a lesser quality.

The Tilting Vise

An ordinary electric chainsaw sharpener has a vise to hold the chain in but their vises are in a fixed position. If you want to sharpen items other than the one the vise was designed to hold during sharpening you will either have to risk injury by not clamping the item in a vise, or just not sharpen the item. This automatic chainsaw sharpener has a tilting vise head so you can make it accommodate a wide variety of items you might want to put an edge on.

electric chainsaw chain grinder sharpener

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Great Accessories

The accessories included with this electric chainsaw sharpener take it from the category of ordinary to extraordinary. Nothing is more frustrating than getting a new tool and then having to wait to use it because you need an accessory to do what you want to do. This automatic chainsaw sharpener comes complete with all of the needed accessories so you can begin to sharpen chains as soon as you receive your tool.


  • Powerful motor
  • Easy to grip and use control knobs and handles
  • Cast aluminum construction
  • Tilting vise to accommodate a larger variety of cutters
  • Allen wrenches included in package
  • Dressing brick and quick guide template included in package
  • 2 grinding wheels included in package
  • Easy to use
  • Stable base


  • The instruction manual could be written more clearly

Final Thoughts

This electric  sharpener is useful, affordable, easy to use, and reliable. With those qualities going for it I simply had to include it in the best chainsaw sharpener reviews for this year. I highly recommend this item.

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