Echo CS-590 Timber Wolf 20 Inch Chainsaw

Owning a 20 Inch Chainsaw is something that cements the fact that you are a property owner and that you have completely become a mature adult. When you move out of the apartments and rental homes of your youth you get property with trees, and then you need to start looking at gas chainsaws for sale so you have the ability to keep your lawn manicured, and provide a heat source for the home.

20 inch chainsaw

You want to read the chainsaw reviews on this site to discover which of the most frequently purchased saws will be the tool that you will get a lot of use from.

I suggest you them read the extended articles like this one that describe the saws in detail. Consider all of the qualities each of the tools have and then decide which tool will be the perfect one for your needs.

Things I Love About This 20 Inch Chainsaw

A gas chainsaw is a handy tool that every homeowner needs to have. These are tools that help you prepare firewood; to heat your home, or to cook your food, and help you trim your trees so that you have a lawn that appears manicured. The following features made this gas chainsaw stand out in my mind as a great purchase.

Vibration Control

Using a chainsaw causes your muscles to aches severely because of the vibrations that travel through the saw and into your forearms. I knew when I was looking for a chainsaw for sale that I wanted to get one that had a vibration reduction system so my arms would not hurt as badly as they had using other saws.

​I quickly discovered that the vibration reduction allowed me to work longer, cut more wood, and feel less pain the next day. I love any piece of equipment that helps me to do my work without feeling the pain of working.

Twenty Inch Bar

The bar size on a chainsaw determines what type of work that you can do with that saw. In a chainsaw review it should tell you what kind of wood cutting the saw is capable of doing.

​This saw has a twenty inch bar so it can cut up cord wood for you to burn in your fireplace, and it can also trim limbs. This saw is more suitable for cutting items on the ground because it weighs about twenty pounds and it can be hard to hold that much weight over your head for an extended period of time.

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Air Filter that is Easy to Change

Being able to keep the air filter on the saw changed will increase the amount of time that the piece of equipment will work efficiently for you. The air filter can stop the engine from having the amount of power it needs to do the work you ask it to do. You should clean the air filter regularly, and since this air filter is so easy to remove you can easily clean your filter after each time that you use the saw.


  • Two stroke engine
  • Twenty inch bar
  • Decompression valve to make it easier to crank
  • Access the air filter without any tools
  • Access and remove the spark plug without any tools
  • Electronic ignition
  • Vibration control
  • Adjustable auto oiling system
  • Engine fins that pull large debris pieces from the saw
  • Translucent gas tank


  • Does not come with a carry case

Final Thoughts

I always feel that it is important to include the additional safety equipment that you might want to purchase to go with your new chainsaw. I will begin my suggesting that you buy safety goggles and wear them every time that you use your saw. Never cut wood, trim trees, or cut up debris, without having your eye protection in place.

I like to tell people that long pants are a plus when you are using a chainsaw. I know that you have seen movies like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre where some crazed psycho with a chainsaw is cutting people into pieces. The reality is that when a chainsaw is shoved into fabric then the fabric will get bound up in the chain and the saw will not be able to cut anything. If the chain hits your pants then you more than likely will not be cut by it.

You also might want to consider ear plugs to protect your hearing. A saw can be very loud and can damage your hearing.

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